Renaissance 2015

Date: September 26, 2015

Venue: Makati Square Arena

City: Makati City



1. “The Machine” Mavericc Knight def. Vintendø

2. Mark D. Manalo def. Jimmy Orellana

Main Show:

1. 2-out-of-3 Falls Tag Match: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax & Miguel Rosales) def. Dual Shock (Peter Versoza & SANDATA)

2. PHX Championship Tournament Semi-Finals: Mayhem Brannigan def. Chris Panzer

3. John Sebastian def. Bombay Suarez

4. PHX Championship Tournament Finals: Ken Warren def. Ralph Imabayashi to become PHX Champion (note: Mayhem Brannigan is unable to compete in the finals due to an attack by the Fighters 4 Hire, effectively turning this match into the finals)

5. 3-Way PWR Championship Match: Classical Bryan Leo (c) def. Jake De Leon and The Apocalypse