Path Of Gold 2017

Date: February 26, 2017

Venue: Bayanihan Center

City: Pasig City



1. Evan Carleaux def. McKata

2. Beautiful Billy Suede def. Blackzilla

Main Show:

1. Path of Gold Match Qualifier: Dax Xaviera def. Dan Ericson

2. Path of Gold Match Qualifier: Rederick Mahaba def. Alexander Belmonte III

3. PHX Championship: Peter Versoza (c) def. Main Maxx

4. 3-Way PWR Championship: John Sebastian (c) def. Jake De Leon & The Apocalypse

5. Chris Panzer wins the 2017 Path of Gold Match

 Order of entries & eliminations:

Entry #WrestlerExit #Eliminated by
1SANDATA6Madrigal, Sinnsyk
2Chino Guinto19Panzer
3Mike Madrigal7Rosales
4Joey Bax2Madrigal
5Logan Ollores8Mahaba
6Kanto Terror1L. Ollores, Y. Ollores
7Yohann Ollores9Imabayashi
8Ralph Imabayashi20Panzer
9Chris PanzerWINNER
10Vlad Sinnsyk12De Leon
12Ken Warren17Panzer, Imabayashi
13Dax Xaviera5Martinez, Guinto
16James “Idol” Martinez14Guinto
17Main Maxx13Warren
18Jake de Leon18Guinto
19Rederick Mahaba10Warren
20Miguel Rosales11Sinnsyk
21Bombay Suarez16Guinto






Path of Gold Match Qualifier:
Dax Xaviera vs Dan Ericson

Path of Gold Match Qualifier: 
Rederick Mahaba vs Alexander Belmonte III

PHX Championship: 
Peter Versoza (c) vs Main Maxx

Three- Way PWR Championship: 
John Sebastian (c) vs Jake De Leon vs The Apocalypse

2017 Path of Gold Match