[FULL MATCH] – Trian Dela Torre vs. The Apocalypse (ALL OUT WAR) – PWR Live: Bakbakan Sa Bayanihan

We’ve got a special one for your this week on #FullMatchFridays!

We go all the way back to July 2017 at PWR Live: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan where Trian Dela Torre faced The Apocalypse in ALL OUT WAR!

The History

Not many people may remember this but before he became a Naughty Boy of Philippine Wrestling, Trian Dela Torre was embroiled in a heated feud with The Apocalypse which all started when the inch-for-inch best wrestler in the world surprised the entire RevoNation when he small packaged The Apocalypse into a loss. And the monster did not take that lightly.

Dubbing himself the kapre-slayer, Trian Dela Torre was set to face the kapre called The Apocalypse in the very next PWR event but alas, The Apocalypse would have other plans. Although he was disqualified and gave Trian Dela Torre another win over him, The Apocalypse didn’t really seem to care and all he wanted was to beat the living daylights out of his diminutive opponent. And he would deliver this message: ALL. OUT. WAR.

Which leads us to this match at PWR Live: Bakbakan sa Bayanihan! After notching 2 upset wins over The Apocalypse, Trian Dela Torre was on a mission to defeat the monster in his own playground but did the BEST OF SMALL TIME have enough firepower to slay this specific kapre?

Without further ado, we present to you Trian Dela Torre vs. The Apocalypse in ALL OUT WAR!

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