[FULL MATCH] JDL vs. Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chris Panzer (PWR Championship) – Renaissance 2017

With just 2 days away from PWR Live: New Year’s Wrestle-ution, PWRCentral.com is back to hit you with a huge #FullMatchFridays entry.

This week, we are proud to present to you the epic 3-Way PWR Championship Match between Jake De Leon, Chris Panzer, and Ralph Imabayashi!

The History

All 3 men may have had different paths leading up to this point but they all had one destination in mind: The PWR Championship.

Chris Panzer would be the first to reach that destination back at Wrevolution X 2017. After claiming the title from John Sebastian in PWR’s biggest event of 2017, Panzer would not only shake off the Wrestling Lord and Savior’s rematch attempt but was also able to defeat “Beautiful” Billy Suede along the way. But now, 2 hungry competitors stood in the way of his championship reign.

Panzer's 1st PWR Championship Reign

Ralph Imabayashi and Jake De Leon’s Wrevolution X experiences were completely different. While JDL came out triumphant in his momentous match against Billy Suede, Ralph Imabayashi would fail to claim the PHX Championship which would set him down a spiral of evil emotions.

Ralph would grow meaner and more sadistic by the day but in a way it made him even stronger and more dangerous than ever before. It was at PWR Live: Resbak where it all came to a boiling point for the Best Pure Wrestler as this would occur:

Ralph Imabayashi alongside his (now former) partner Rederick Mahaba would do the unthinkable and turned their backs on Jake De Leon and the RevoNation. They have shown that they will do anything and at any cost to get the respect they think they deserve.

This being said, Jake De Leon got a win over Billy Suede. Ralph Imabayashi got a win over Jake De Leon. Both men had legitimate claims for the PWR Championship which is why a 3-Way Match for the title was set for PWR Renaissance 2017.

Without further ado, PWR proudly presents to you Jake De Leon vs. Ralph Imabayashi vs. Chris Panzer for the PWR Championship at PWR Renaissance 2017.

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