Boulevard of Broken Limbs: Ralph Imabayashi’s Tag Team Partner Predicament

Two months later and it still hurts. Seeing what was once such an entertaining duo crumble before our eyes has got to be one of the most heart-wrenching moments of 2018.

I’m talking about when Ralph Imabayashi unceremoniously ditched his long-time partner Rederick ‘Mainstream’ Mahaba after a turbulent four-way match for the PWR title.

I don’t know about you, but I still get horrific flashbacks of that moment. But in case you forgot, here’s when things began to go south for MTNH:

Mainstream, as you would expect, was absolutely crushed. He would post seemingly trivial video clips of his ceiling with depressing songs playing in the background. And then, this bombshell:

Leftover Baggage

BUT, here’s where things get interesting.

Before all this mess, Mainstream pulled some strings with management to book a tag team title opportunity for him and Ralph at PWR Live: New Year’s Wrestle-ution.

With MTNH basically reduced to dust and Mainstream’s indefinite leave from wrestling in effect, the current Kampeon ng Pilipinas is left with a challenging task of having to find a tag team partner before this match.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals | Photo by Brian Lumanog

Naturally, the RevoNation has been buzzing with speculation as to who in god’s green earth is still willing to take on that role after having witnessed his vile actions at the expense of his very best friend.

Well, we at PWR Central have compiled a list of possible partners for Ralph.

1. An army of corgis

Looks can be deceiving...

Anyone who’s Facebook friends with the champion knows he is absolutely obsessed with corgis.

That’s one bit of information that proves that underneath the toxic cesspool that is Ralph Imabayashi’s heart, there’s still a person with a soft spot for adorable things. So, it makes sense for the champ to call for the aid of the only thing that sparks joy in his life nowadays.

Don’t underestimate those stubby-legged fluffballs, though. I mean, have you been around an extremely angry corgi? Cute, but nasty.

2. Robynn

After a long absence, Robynn is finally heading back to a PWR ring to tag with her long-time partner-in-crime, Martivo.

But the question here is, is it really a smart choice for him to go back to the tag team scene with his sterling singles winning streak still in tact? Ralph asks this question on his Twitter. Maybe it’s time for a Ralph and Robynn alliance?

3. Nega-Ralph

Have you seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World? If you haven’t, shame on you. If you have, you’ll probably remember when Scott had to battle an evil version of himself, but they ended up being friends. That may very well be a possibility for Ralph. What’s more interesting is that Ralph is already pretty much an terrible human being, so him and Nega-Ralph would probably get along just fine.

4. Referee Jayce

Funny how history repeats itself sometimes | Photo by Dodong Dela Cruz

Behind a number of historic wins in the world of professional wrestling are a very shady group of referees that blatantly sided with one wrestler over the other. Shawn Michaels had Earl Hebner. Ric Flair had Charles Robinson. Ralph Imabayashi? Definitely Referee Jayce.

I mean, I personally have met the guy. Really cool dude. He is also probably one of the (if not the) best refs in the local scene, but when it comes to Ralph matches… Well, let’s just say Ralph always gets the better end of the bargain when Jayce is ref. So, why not formalize the alliance?

5. ...No one.

Maybe this is the most probable answer of all is that no one comes to the aid of Ralph Imabayashi.

Not only has he burned countless bridges on his journey to the top of the Philippine wrestling ladder, he has also built a wall through which no one can pass. I can’t think of anyone who sticks his/her neck out for a person like that.

Boulevard of Broken Limbs

It’s a dark and lonely road for the Kampeon ng Pilipinas. Will he be able to find a partner in time for this match? Only one way to find out:

Head to the Power Mac Center Spotlight at Circuit Makati on January 27, 2019. Gates open shortly before 2PM. Be there.

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