[FULL MATCH] “Beautiful” Billy Suede vs. SANDATA – PWR Renaissance 2017

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This week, we’re taking a look back at PWR Renaissance 2017 when the then-pinoy tecnico SANDATA took on the man that changed the landscape of Philippine Wrestling, “Beautiful” Billy Suede.

The History

The story starts all the way back to after Wrevolution X 2017

After Billy Suede was unable to knock off Jake De Leon, he took it upon himself to go straight to the top by any means necessary and decided to attack then-PWR General Manager Mr. Sy a week before PWR Live: Resbak

During the attack, SANDATA tried to aid Mr. Sy but it would soon backfire as Billy Suede gained the upperhand and unmasked the pinoy tecnico.

Due to his actions, Mr. Sy decided to ban Billy Suede from competing at PWR Live: Resbak which deprived us of a potential matchup between Suede and SANDATA.

But this was only the beginning.

Billy Suede would return shortly after at the next PWR event in Eastwood for UnFather’s Day as he would face the then-PWR Champion, Chris Panzer. During the match, Billy Suede would resort to using his veteran wits to outsmart Panzer and bend the rules BUT Mr. Sy was having none of it.

Watch the series of clips below and see for yourself:

Suffice to say, The Beautiful One was not happy with the series of events and demanded a rematch for the PWR Championship. However, what would end up happening is Mr. Sy granting Billy Suede an opportunity to earn another PWR title match but he would have to go through an enraged SANDATA and a watchful Mr. Sy to do so. Will SANDATA get his revenge on The Beautiful One for unceremoniously unmasking him or will Billy Suede get another shot at the PWR Championship?

Watch & enjoy the #1 Contenders Match for the PWR Championship between Billy Suede and SANDATA from PWR Renaissance 2017!

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