PWR Recap: An Unforgettable Vendetta leads us into an Unpredictable 2019 here to greet you before the New Year starts with a recap of all the big events that transpired at Philippine Wrestling Revolution‘s final show for 2018 along with a bit of a preview of what may or may not to come in the year 2019.

Suffice to say, PWR Vendetta really lived up to its name. Battle lines were drawn, rivalries clashed, and feuds came to a close…for now. With all the crazy action and drama that transpired at PWR’s last show of the year, we at will be looking back at what happened and will try to sort things out and see where they will be going before PWR’s first show in 2019 – which will be on Jan. 27, 2019 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight.

Anyway, let’s get right to it!

1. A Tale of Two Friendships

The power of friendship and the destruction of it was made very apparent at PWR Vendetta by two tag teams: The Naughty Boys & MTNH

Let’s start off with the Naughty Boys of Philippine Wrestling – Trian Dela Torre & Evan Carleaux. At PWR Vendetta, the dynamic duo once again called on the power of friendship and were once again able best the challengers for their PWR Tag Team Titles, The Mr. Sy Group – comprised of SANDATA, Main Maxx, and their manager Mr. Sy. With a little help from their intern, Jhemherlhynn, the Naughty Boys would end the night on a very NICE note.

As for MTNH, however, things didn’t go as well. PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi  and his partner Rederick “Mainstream” Mahaba were involved in a 4-Way PWR Title match along with Vlad Sinnsyk and Mike Madrigal. Although initially their plan to stick as a team was working, things would start to devolve as the match went on. Suffice to say even though Ralph retained the PWR Championship, he did so at the cost of his partner and friend.

But what exactly does each of these teams have to do with one another you ask?

Earlier on in the event, Mainstream Mahaba would be hosting the Mahabang Usapan Show and had his partner Ralph Imabayashi on as the special guest. After talking about how they had a plan to leave the 4-Way Match still with the PWR Championship later in the evening, the duo known as MTNH dropped a bomb and announced that at the next PWR show, Mainstream Mahaba and Ralph Imabayashi will be challenging for the PWR Tag Team Titles. 

However, that challenge now seems to be in the air not only because Ralph turned on his partner, but also because Mainstream Mahaba has recently announced that his acting schedule has only gotten more hectic and might not be able to compete with PWR for the forseeable future.

And this leaves us with a few questions. Will the PWR Tag Team Championship match still pull through? And if so, who will be Ralph Imabayashi’s partner?!

All we can do at the moment is to wait for the official announcement on what will be the fate of the PWR Tag Team Championship challenge between MTNH and The Naughty Boys.

2. Philippine Excellent Chaos

We saw the first ever 6-Way Survival Match in PWR history back at PWR Vendetta and it was jaw-dropping to say the least. John SebastianCrystalChris PanzerKen Warren“The Statement” Andruew Tang, and Jake De Leon would be the first ever competitors to compete in such a match all vying for the right to become #PhilippineExcellence Champion.

After a hellacious bout between all 6 wrestlers, it would be Your Wrestling Lord and Savior John Sebastian that comes out on top to become the new PHX Champion but it was after the fact that Andruew Tang gave Jake De Leon an unceremonious beating after he was already eliminated.

While it seems that there is a lot of unfinished business between Singapore’s Andruew Tang and Mr. Philippine Wrestling Jake De Leon, on has to wonder what the state of the Philippine Excellence championship will be now that John Sebastian holds the coveted belt.

Who will be his next challenger? Will Jake De Leon be given the chance to reclaim the belt he lost? Will Ken Warren finally get his one-on-one rematch for the PHX title? John Sebastian has been kind enough to give us a teaser of sorts on the situation.

Could Ken Warren’s wish finally be fulfilled? Is this all a ruse by the 50% owner of PWR? We shall all have to wait and find out.

3. AB3 & Dax are going to WAR

In a shocking turn of events at PWR Vendetta, Dax Xaviera dethroned the former ALL OUT WAR Champion, The Warlord Alexander Belmonte III. Suffice to say, Dax wasted no time to finally be with his AOW-rora after his championship victory

However, this would not be the end of Dax and AB3’s story. Right after the show, we would see AB3 come up to Dax and challenge him for the ALL OUT WAR Championship in the exact match that made the title the most dangerous on yet: ALL OUT WAR.

Unlike the previous two PWR Championships that we’ve talked about in this article, the state of the ALL OUT WAR Championship seems to be well at hand as Alexander Belmonte III will potentially be facing the new ALL OUT WAR Champion Dax Xaviera come PWR Live in January 2019.

4. Who is on a Path to Gold?

With the stellar year that was 2018, along with it came a number of up-and-coming PWR wrestlers that are starting to lay the groundwork and are setting themselves up for a push at championship gold.

One such competitor is Quatro. Although he may have failed to claim the PWR Championship against Ralph Imabayashi, no one can dispute the year that the former trabajador has had. From finally escaping the clutches of the Council of Trabajadores to facing and defeating the likes of Dr. Gore and Emman “The Kid”, Quatro has shown that he has the skill and the fire to be one of the best. He has made it no secret that he wants another shot at the PWR Championship but he might have some stiff competition along the way in Mike Madrigal.

Another wrestler that is well on his way to staking a claim for championship opportunities is the colorful Martivo. For lack of a better term, the latter part of 2018 was definitely Martivo’s coming out party. After his partner Robynn was suspended, it opened the doors for him to venture out into singles competition and the ManDoll shined like no other defeating the likes of Chris Panzer, SANDATA, and even Fil-Australian wrestler Aysha. The clamor for the Rainbow Warrior to finally win gold has been astounding. It even got him an award nomination to be the year’s breakthrough wrestler of the year!

But we will just have to wait and see if the year 2019 will be as kind to Martivo.

And what of the tag team division? After their intense street fight against the Kakaibros at PWR Vendetta, it was clear that The YOLO Twins are still one of the top tag teams in the division and they have made it clear that they are coming for the PWR Tag Team Titles once again.

Having been the first ever PWR Tag Team Champions and for consistently putting on great match after great match, few can dispute the terrible tandem from Katips’ claim to tag team gold. However, they have to be wary of the fact that PWR’s tag division runs deep and there’s still an unresolved issue on what is to happen with the PWR Tag Team Championship challenge at the next PWR event.

Of course there are still a multitude of PWR wrestlers that could rise through the ranks and get themselves on the cusp of championship greatness but as the year 2018 played out, these wrestlers are the ones that made the strongest claim.

2019 will definitely be a year to watch out for.

5. New Rivalries Blossoming

After PWR Vendetta, we were not only met with the end of some feuds but also what seems to be the blossoming of newer ones as well.

Starting off with Chris Panzer and Crystal, it has been said that they share a mentor-mentee relationship as the Motor City Angel has been instrumental in helping Crystal develop her wrestling skills when she was younger in the business. Though they’ve never actually faced one another, their paths would finally cross at the 6-Way Survival match for the PHX Championship. Both would put on valiant efforts but sadly, it would be their bickering against one another that would lead to both wrestlers being eliminated by Andruew Tang.

Their issues did not end at their elimination. After the event, Crystal would come up to Panzer and berate him for their loss and let’s just say some harsh words were exchanged.

From the looks of things, a match between the mentor and the mentee might be brewing for 2019.

Now lets get on to Ken Warren. The Social Media Sinister is still very much high on his crusade to get his one-on-one rematch for the PHX Championship but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t ruffled up a few feathers along the way. One such group whose feathers he has ruffled would be The Endgame’s 

Will the Social Media Sinister be crossing paths with the menacing trio soon?

6. Watch Out for More!

But of course, we can’t really fit all the potential stories that are unfolding into one article otherwise that would be too long to read.

There’s still the issue on where the Kakaibros’ mindset are after losing to the YOLO Twins. And what of Jhemherlhynn and K3ndrick?!

Where will Vlad Sinnsyk’s quest for equality and judgment take him?!

What will be next for the My. Sy Group?!

Are Revo Ranger and Bolt stronger as a tag team now?!

What’s going to happen now that Joey Bax is back?!

All we can say, RevoNation, is that we’ll have to wait for PWR Live in January 27, 2019 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight to find out.

Ticket details to be announced

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