[FULL MATCH] QUATRO vs Dr. Gore – PWR Vendetta 2018


2018 is the breakout year for the Lightbringer, QUATRO.

After defeating his master, Trabajador Supremo at Wrevolution X, the former member of the Secret Council of Trabajadores continued to impress the Revo-Nation with huge victories, eventually earning him a chance to contend for the PWR Championship.

Although he came up short in dethroning the reigning PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi in what is considered by many as a contender for match of the year, QUATRO bounced back in a huge win against one of South East Asia’s rising stars, Emman “The Kid”.

However, the international challenges keep on coming QUATRO’s way as his next opponent is one of Singapore Pro Wrestling‘s most dangerous star, Dr. Gore. The setting: PWR VENDETTA 2018!


What's next for QUATRO?

After beating Malaysia's own Emman 'The Kid' – MYPW , QUATRO – PWR's light shines brighter than ever before! Watch this to see who's come to extinguish the light of the Light Bringer. #PWRAftershock

Posted by Philippine Wrestling Revolution – PWR on Tuesday, November 6, 2018



The match-up could not be anymore perfect for the Revo-Nation as both QUATRO and Dr. Gore deliver high-octane offense and possess incredible technical prowess!


Without further ado, PWRCentral.com brings you today’s #FullMatchFridays: QUATRO vs Dr. Gore, PWR Vendetta 2018!


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