[FULL MATCH] Ralph Imabayashi vs. Koto Hiro (PWR Championship) – PWR Live: Way of the Champion

PWRCentral.com is back for #FullMatchFridays and we’re taking a look at the match that arguable started planting the seeds  of the downfall of MTNH. That match was Ralph Imabayashi vs. Koto Hiro for the PWR Championship at PWR Live: Way of the Champion.

The History

After successfully defending his PWR Championship at the previous PWR Live event against a very game Zayden Trudeau (and after being knocked unconscious mind you), Ralph Imabayashi and Rederick Mahaba laid out an open challenge to anyone in the back that thought they had what it takes to knock off the Best Pure Wrestler in PWR.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the wrestler that would come out from the back would be the rebellious princess of PWR, Nina!

Imabayashi and Mahaba were taken aback. They initially thought that Nina, who is also known as one of Imabayashi’s closest friends, would be the one to make the challenge and a challenge she did make. However, the challenge was not on behalf of herself but on behalf of her BOYFRIEND, Koto Hiro!

But things did not end at the challenge alone. Once Koto Hiro and Imabayashi’s PWR Championship match was set, Ralph and Nina then proceeded to air out the dirty laundry from their past leading up to how Koto and Nina came to be. A lot of it you can read here.

In the process of airing their dirty laundry in front of the whole RevoNation, their verbal exchange would go down in infamy as one of the most uncomfortable yet juicy segments in PWR history. Watch it in its entirety here:


OOF! Words were said and feelings were all over the place but the fact of the matter was, Ralph Imabayashi was PWR Champion for a reason and that was because he would risk life, limb, and even his closest friendships to make sure he stays champion.

Although the lead-up to their encounter was definitely full of hugot, the match that came as a result of that was definitely one for the ages.

Without further ado, we are proud to present to you Ralph Imabayashi vs. Koto Hiro for the PWR Championship back at PWR Live: Way of the Champion for this edition of #FullMatchFridays!

PWR Live: Way of the Champion - Ralph Imabayashi vs. Koto Hiro [PWR Championship]

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