[FULL MATCH] Ken Warren vs. Jake De Leon (PHX Championship) – PWR Renaissance 2018

In a special edition of #FullMatchFridays, we are proud to release the highly-touted Philippine Excellence Championship match between then champion “The Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren & Mr. Philippine Wrestling Jake De Leon

The History

We won’t bother you with the details of this rivalry too much as all you need to know can be found in a previous article here. To summarize the history between the two, they started in Philippine Wrestling Revolution at the exact same time. Although their paths wouldn’t cross as much previously except for a few instances, this match would actually be their first major championship match on a PWR event.

The battle between these two PWR OGs has been a long time coming and it was only fitting that it would be for the title that symbolized Philippine Wrestling Excellence – the PHX Championship.

So without further ado, here is Ken Warren vs. Jake De Leon for the PHX Championship back at PWR Renaissance 2018!

Video production and editing by The Walrus Studio

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