PWR’s Wrestler Spotlight: Andruew Tang & Dr. Gore

PWR Vendetta may be Philippine Wrestling Revolution‘s last show for for the year but it’s shaping up to be much much more. In fact, PWR is looking to make their final show for 2018 into another international showcase that the RevoNation won’t soon forget. Two such people that will look to steal the show and steal the hearts (hopefully not literally) of PWR fans are two wrestlers from Singapore Pro Wrestling“The Statement” Andruew Tang & the mysterious Doctor Gore

Singaporean Invasion is on its way and was lucky enough to get to talk to both Andruew Tang & Dr. Gore and get their thoughts coming into PWR Vendetta 2018.

"The Statement" Andruew Tang

Andruew Tang taking on WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne | Photo by Najwan Noor

We first got the chance to talk to “The Statement” Andruew Tang over an online call during his morning workout. He was gracious enough to take our questions while getting in his reps. Here’s what went down:

PWRCentral: Hi Mr. Tang. Thank you very much for taking this interview during your busy schedule. So to get things started, for the people who aren’t familiar, can you tell them who “The Statement” Andruew Tang is and what you’re all about?

There’s not an individual that embodies the Singapore Wrestling scene better than “The Statement” Andruew Tang. For over half a decade, besides being the Co Founder of Singapore Pro Wrestling, I have made SPW as one of the leading promotions in South East Asia. As the first ever Pro Wrestler of Singapore I have dominated my adversaries and left Statements in the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. ​

I have wrestled in over 10 different countries. Had epic battles with top regional wrestlers and have classic matches with renowned industry veterans from Japan, such as Masa Takanashi and Michael Nakazawa from Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) ,CIMA from OWE, and WWE United Kingdom Champion- “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne.

I am known to be a badass who is as tough as nails and will attempt to secure a victory even with the most unorthodox approaches.

WATCH: Clips of Andruew Tang's match against Pete Dunne

PWRCentral: We definitely see your badassery in your work, Mr. Tang. Now, can you tell us how you ended up in professional wrestling? Tell us a little bit about your journey

After I completed my mandatory national service, I wanted to pursue my passion and chase my dreams of being a pro wrestler. In fact I wanted to head overseas to do it, as there wasn’t any pro wrestling school in Singapore. However I chanced upon a YouTube video about Vadim (my current business partner) organizing a talk and potentially setting up a school.

I went to the talk, expressed my interest, and was very enthusiastic to help expedite the process of making SPW to Fruition. Invested part of my savings into the company and I have never look back.

When we first started in 2012, Vadim was the one who taught me the basics of pro wrestling, he will be my biggest critic and the feedback that he gives help developed my character and wrestling ability. But of course, there is only so much I can learn from an individual. Ever since I started wrestling internationally and worked with industry veterans. The matches that I had with them helped me gain more experience and develop my own unique style in the ring.

PWRCentral: Thank you for sharing that with us, Mr. Tang. And now, can you tell us about your wrestling inspirations? Who were your favorite wrestlers growing up?

I have a number of wrestlers that were wrestling inspirations when I was growing up watching pro wrestling. As you know every wrestler has their own unique selling points, be it in their character, the type of wrestling style that they incorporate in their arsenal. So it’s only fair to have a few favorites.

In terms of charisma, promo, storytelling- The Rock. Because he is so charismatic in thrash talking, the ability to always craft impressionable tag lines throughout his career. Every move that he does tells a story.

For the Lucha Libre style, definitely will be Rey Mysterio as in the 90s he clearly revolutionize the art of high flying, with his unique and innovative repertoire of moves. He uses speed to compensate power in the land of the giants

The all rounder will be Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels. Both wrestlers are so similar in every way, they are technically sound when it comes to wrestling, they can pull off high risk maneuvers with ease, they are one of the best thrash talkers in the business. And they have a really good look as wrestlers.

PWRCentral: All great wrestlers to look up to indeed. But now let’s go back to the present. PWR Vendetta will mark your Philippine Wrestling Revolution debut. Any expectations for your first taste of Filipino Wrestling?

I have followed PWR for a long time, and I have been waiting to actually bring my wrestling to the fans. From the videos that I have seen, the PWR fans are very crazy and passionate about pro wrestling so it will definitely be my honor to perform in front of them.

I expect my limits to be tested and if theres one word to describe Filipino wrestling, it will definitely be heart! I am pretty sure that the wrestlers that I’m facing will give me everything they got.

He's not just any man. He's The Statement. | Photo from Andruew Tang

PWRCentral: Just one last question, Mr. Tang. So, not only will you be making your debut come November 25th but your match will (as you mentioned) also be against 5 other competitors for the chance to win PWR’s Philippine Excellence Championship. Any thoughts you’d like to share going into this epic match?

The 5 other wrestlers in my match are the embodiment of PWR, they all have their own unique styles of wrestling, and devastating moves that may end any man in an instant.

But I’m not any man, I’m The Statement. The moves that they hit me will just fuel my rage and aggression that will unleash my weapons of mass destruction that will lead to their demise.

I thrive on competition, I live to be the best, and there’s no better way to make a Statement than to eliminate the 5 best wrestlers of PWR and become PWR Philippine Excellence champion.

This match will definitely be the match of the night! 6 passionate individuals all hungry for the title, each wanting to prove and outdo the others to be the best.

All of you best not bring a knife to a gunfight. Bring your whole arsenal of weapons, because this won’t be a gunfight, but it will be war! A war for power and supremacy!

Be prepared, as all who steps foot in the ring with The Statement will “Feel the Eeeeeyakkkkk”

"Eeeeeyakkkkk" | Photo by Najwan Noor

The Good Doctor Gore

Next up, decided to get in touch with Dr. Gore. Admittedly, getting in touch with the good doctor was exceptionally harder than getting in touch with Andruew Tang. We tried multiple avenues in our attempt to contact Dr. Gore but it wasn’t until one day, we received instructions in the mail at offices to visit an abandoned hospital in an undisclosed location in Metro Manila. When we got there, there was a lone laptop in place and when we opened it up, Dr. Gore was there to greet us.

PWRCentral: We uh…uh…hello Dr. Gore. Would you be so kind as to tell us more about yourself…doctor?

*he stared at us intently*

Yes…yes…I am known most commonly as Dr. Gore.

My full formal name can be indicated as The Good Doctor Gore. I have been given that official title because of my passion for the human body, and my intricate knowledge of pushing its pain tolerance.

I am driven by the thirst for knowledge. People like to misconstrue my keen interest for this as a negative activity. I have no patience or heart for such obstacles in my journey.

Dr. Gore with some...minor rearrangements

PWRCentral: We…we see. So, if you don’t mind us asking, Doctor, *gulps* how did you get into professional wrestling?

The exact details of my beginnings are vague and foggy. I do remember that I was searching for a new path to feed my growing thirst for pushing the boundaries of anatomy, while still being able to show my results to the masses.

I was rejected by my fellow colleagues and scorned by the common folk of the offices. I soon realized that could I do so in this niche of Professional Wrestling, where people actually pay to see me perform under such grandeur presentations.

Of course there will still be the group of weak-minded commoners, who are horrified by my skillset. They perceive this as unfavorable behavior, but what new levels of humanity and knowledge has been achieved just by staying within the lines written by society?

The fortunate thing is that as I continue my journey in showcasing my skills, the right people have taken notice and have given me the appropriate opportunities across different promotions globally.

This has also helped me learn more and more about the different talents and levels there is to Professional Wrestling and how I can open up my mind to such creativity. For that I am truly blessed.


PWRCentral: A truly…truly inspiring story, Good Doctor! If…if you don’t mind another question, who were your wrestling inspirations?

I am inspired by performers who do shy away from embracing their culture and artistry. My inspirations are, and not limited to, Goldust, Keiji Mutoh, Hannibal Lector

PWRCentral: Truly a wonderful crop of…individuals. And now, allow us to talk about

PWR Vendetta. You are set to make your PWR debut. Do you have any expectations for your first taste of Filipino Wrestling?

Surprise me. Make me want to come back. From your finest performers to your most passionate fan, make me want to give my soul to this promotion

Dr. Gore giving his soul

PWRCentral: We’d like to tha…thank you again for your time, Dr. Gore. We just have one final question. Do you have a final message for your opponent, Quatro, before you face him on November 25th at PWR Vendetta?

Close your eyes.

Breathe slowly.

Calm yourself.

Remember that everything is just a normal procedure.

You may experience just a little pain. Perhaps more than you can handle.

Perhaps you feel yourself breaking. Perhaps you realise you are reaching your limitations.

Perhaps you will reconsider your choices after you feel your mangled nerves when I am done with you.

But understand that all this is for your own good.

XOXO Warm and Fresh Regards,

The Good Dr. Gore.

Make sure you catch both Andruew Tang and Dr. Gore’s matches on November 25th at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makat at PWR Vendetta 2018!

Contact Philippine Wrestling Revolution for ticket details!


Article by Gabriel Golez

Photos taken from Andruew Tang & Dr. Gore’s Social Media pages

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