PHX Title to be defended in first ever 6-Way Survival Match

As announced back at PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll, the Philippine Excellence Championship will be defended in a 6-way match at PWR Vendetta that will include the following competitors:

  1. Current PHX Champion & Mr. Philippine Wrestling – Jake De Leon
  2. The Social Media Sinsiter – Ken Warren
  3. The Motor City Angel – Chris Panzer
  4. The Queen of Philippine Wrestling – Crystal
  5. 50% Owner of PWR – John Sebastian
  6. SPW’s The Statement – Andruew Tang

Here’s how the announcement went down:

It was already a stellar match as announced but we would later find out on PWR’s social media accounts that not only will it be a 6-way match but it will be the first ever 6-WAY SURVIVAL MATCH in PWR history.

The rules are as follows:

  1. In this match, two competitors start off in the ring with the rest hand-cuffed to each of the 4 ring posts outside
  2. Every 3 minutes, one challenger will be uncuffed to join in on the action.
  3. The only way to eliminate an opponent is by pinfall or submission
  4. The last person to survive elimination will become the new Philippine Excellence Champion

Being the first match of its kind and a PWR-original match to boot, we at decided to break down the rules and see just what this match has in store for its competitors.

6-Way Survival Breakdown

With the rules stated as they are, the format of the match is eerily similar to the format of the Elimination Chamber style match popularized by the WWE with a few twists. Two competitors will start while the other 4 competitors wait for their time to enter the match and gain a tactical advantage right off the bat.

The catch here is that instead of having an actual chamber with pods where the other 4 wait for their time to enter, they are simply handcuffed to the post on the outside. Meaning that instead of having a pod that protects and shields them from the elements and their other opponents, the 4 handcuffed competitors are basically sitting ducks should the two competitors that start the match off decide to attack their unprotected opponents.

Can you see how much trouble they'll be in?

But that doesn’t mean the first two competitors have a complete advantage over the other four. After all, the main goal of this match is TO SURVIVE which means the longer you stay in this match, the lower your stamina and energy gets which means your chances of survival also lower as well.

The rest of the rules are pretty self-explanatory:

Every 3 minutes, a new competitor comes into the match and basically changes the complexion of how it was prior to their entry. The last entrant will have the significant advantage of being the freshest competitor in a sense.

The only way to eliminate an opponent is via pinfall or submission which means getting disqualified or counted out is a non-factor.

Finally, the last person to survive elimination will become the new Philippine Excellence Champion.

Photo by Fight Sport Manila

With how the rules are laid out, the gameplan that makes the most sense will be trying to conserve your energy and make sure you last until the end with enough strength to eliminate your final opponent. This means you either stay out of the way and let your opponents eliminate each other first so that they lose energy or you make sure your eliminations are quick and your energy reserves are filled up.

If one thing’s for sure, this match is sure to be one that runs amok with CHAOS.

The Mastermind

With this match about to unfold on November 25th at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati, also caught up with the mastermind of this 6-way Survival Match, John Sebastian.

Photo by Hub Pacheco

First off, we asked about how this match came to be. “I’d like to think I came up with this match as a way to make things fair for the PHX Champ Jake De Leon, while at the same time making a huge spectacle for the RevoNation.” said Sebastian as he then proceeded to talk about the dangers of the match rules as stated earlier in this article. “Think of it as controlled chaos. It’s the perfect storm when you factor in the people that are competing in it are the absolute bests that this company, and dare I say, Southeast Asia has to offer.”

We totally agree that controlled chaos seems to be the most fitting way to describe this kind of match. But then we asked him why he inserted himself into the match to which John Sebastian replied, “Let me take you back exactly one year ago to Vendetta 2017, when I won the right to take over this company. Now, as far as I knew, the board was happy reaping the rewards of having a god take over business. But just like the little conniving snakes that they are, they started slithering in and flexing the specks of power they had left. Making the draws for the PWR Championship tournament secretly, and even letting in a usurper into my house to attempt a failed takeover. And now, in their petty attempts to chip away at my sovereignty, they’re bringing in The Statement to challenge for the PHX Championship. All while I’m carrying the weight of having to deal with my personal life and managing the best pro wrestling company in the country on my back.

I didn’t ‘insert’ myself in the title picture, PWR pushed me into it hoping I would sink and drown in it. But they’re wrong, because your Wrestling Lord and Savior does not drown, does not break down, and he does not take kindly to thieves in the night. Mark my words, John Sebastian will prevail on Vendetta. I survived running this company for a year now. I WILL SURVIVE THIS.”

After his impassioned reply, John Sebastian kicked us out of his office and went back to work.

Philippine Excellent Competitors

Right after we got dismissed by the Wrestling Lord & Savior, would go on to interview the rest of the competitors in the 6-Way Survival Match for the PHX Championship to get their thoughts on this whole thing.

We first got in touch with the current PHX Champion & Mr. Philippine Wrestling Jake De Leon to get his thoughts on having to defend his Philippine Excellence title in this type of matchup against 5 other competitors. “What do you want me to say?” De Leon exclaimed, “I know the odds are stacked against me. No doubt that this match will be a spectacle but no matter what John Sebastian says, this match is nowhere near ‘FAIR’. And not only do I have to outlast 5 other wrestlers, I have to do it with an injured back. But its not like that’s ever stopped me before. Doesn’t matter if it’s one, two, five, fifteen, heck, bring five hundred for all I care. After PWR Vendetta, I will still be the symbol of Philippine Excellence and your PHX champion. Bad back and all.”

After getting the current PHX Champion’s thoughts, then decided to split up and visit The Social Media Sinister Ken Warren and the Motor City Angel Chris Panzer in their respective gyms. We talked to Chris Panzer first and asked him what he thinks will be his edge going into the 6-Way Survival Match. The Motor City Angel explained, “My never-say-die attitude has brought me to great heights and also knocked me off from reaching them. Now I’m going against five of the best names in Southeast Asia and all I know is never-say-die has never been this strong. That’s why at PWR Vendetta, five other bodies will walk out of the 6- way survival match empty handed and I will be the one who will raise the Philippine Excellence Championship.”

The Social Media Sinister on the other hand was fired up but for different reasons. We asked him about his current issue of still not receiving his one-on-one rematch for the PHX Championship to which Ken Warren replied, “You must not really follow me online huh…. I’m not obliged to explain to you and this ‘article’ my oh so precious thoughts. What I’m obliged to get, however, is my 1-on-1 REMATCH for the #PhilippineExcellence Championship. I’ll simply let my actions do the talking @ Vendetta. There’s the answer to your (not so) well thought of question. #THAT”

Next, we talked to the lone female competitor of the 6-Way Survival Match & the Queen of Philippine Wrestling, Crystal. We asked if she had a gameplan going into this match to which she stated, “I have a gameplan. But i am sure as hell not about to share for everyone including them to read. Im not dumb. To the 5 male competitors just remember, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

And finally, we were able to get a hold of The Statement Andruew Tang in Singapore and we asked him about how his upcoming PWR debut is not only against 5 other wrestlers but for the Philippine Excellence Championship as well. “The 5 other wrestlers in my match are the embodiment of PWR, they all have their own unique styles of wrestling, and devastating moves that may end any man in an instant.” The Statement continues, “But I thrive on competition, I live to be the best, and there’s no better way to make a Statement than to eliminate the 5 best wrestlers of PWR and become PWR Philippine Excellence champion.”

Truly all 6 of these competitors will have something to prove and will pull out all the stops to make sure they come out of this 6-Way Survival Match as the Philippine Excellence Champion.

Catch the first ever 6-Way Survival Match in PWR History on November 25th at the Power Mac Center Spotlight at Circuit Makat at PWR Vendetta 2018!

Message Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Facebook for ticket info!


Article by Gabriel Golez

Photos by Hub Pacheco, Fight Sport Manila, Najwan Noor & TCHuang Productions

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