#FullMatchFridays: PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll – Mr Sy vs. Steel Steps

The Big Slip:

Mr. Sy vs. Steel Steps

PWR Vendetta is probably the most heated offering by the Philippine Wrestling Revolution in its already scorching yearly lineup, where rivalries are ended, grudges are settled, and the weak are vanquished by the strong into the damnation of defeat.

Mr. Sy is no stranger to how fortunes can turn at PWR Vendetta, as he is the poster boy of how one can fall (more on this later) from grace, even from the highest position of authority in PWR. We all know how he went from being PWR General Manager to just a manager making ends meet, so to speak, to make himself relevant in the Philippine Wrestling landscape.

As PWR Vendetta 2018 approaches, Mr. Sy once again finds himself facing a foe, maybe his greatest. But this time, it is not John Sebastian, who cost him his job at PWR Vendetta 2017. It is not even KC Montero, with whom he feuded back in Wrevolution X 2016. And while his current employment is not on the line this time, maybe his dignity is, if there is any left after the very thorough social media thrashing he received from the PWR Tag Team Champions, the Naughty Boys, Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Mr. Sy’s greatest rival ever, the Steel Steps of the PWR Ring

Look at that “hard” worker.

There is no love lost between Mr. Sy and the PWR Steel Steps, even though all the vitriol and barbs thrown so far are through social media. But before we go into the significant events of this legendary rivalry, let us first look at the Tale of The Tape:

Tale of the Tape

History of Mr. Sy vs Steel Steps

Let us just say that it all started from the first time Mr. Sy dragged his bossy, leather-clad feet all across Steel Steps.

All these years, Steel Steps had been silent (this writer was unable to reach Steel Steps for comments as of press time) despite Mr. Sy’s arrogance and self-importance, despite him thinking Steel Steps is beneath him (to be honest, Steel Steps kind of is). But he bided his time, and he struck in an attempt to save Jhemherlhynn from Mr. Sy’s cowardly slap.

He did not Sy that coming.

While Steel Steps was not successful, this act of heroism gave birth to the hottest, and I mean THE HOTTEST feud coming into PWR Vendetta 2018.

The “Hardest”

Last Thursday, Steel Steps posted a picture where it featured Philippine Excellence Champion, Jake De Leon in one of their most cherished moments together:

Hard times, daddeh. (Photo from Romm Decena)

This caused a wave of support from PWR wrestlers and fans, who posted their thoughts on Steel Steps as a worker and a talent:

Harder than Kapitan Tutan - PWR, maybe?

It seems that the glowing praises have made Mr. Sy eager to top this moment and to make this feud one of the best rivalries of 2018, no, even one of the most unforgettable clashes in PWR history.

But will he succeed?

“I’m Your Dapapi!”

If you think the Naughty Boys of Philippine Wrestling are the only #MerchElites as far as shilling merchandise is concerned (we are looking at you, GrabCamus), you will be surprised that Mr. Sy is a sly one. This time, he was “several steps” ahead. He managed to out-merch Steel Steps by releasing his exclusive, obviously limited “Chinito Heat” line of shirts, adding more fuel to the fire:

That shirt(?) looks really easy to “slip” on, in case you are in a hurry.

Given Mr. Sy’s recent decision to overhaul his fashion choices at ringside in favor of sportier clothing choices (this seems to be a weird hybrid of a shirt and a sweater), would we see him wearing this line of shirts at PWR Vendetta 2018?

The Full Match

Revo-Nation, are you ready to see this fiery encounter in all of its brutal, unfiltered glory?


And if you are not convinced, see how a PWR fan reacted when he saw this match happening at ringside, during PWR Live: Shake, Rassle, & Roll, right in front of his eyes:

Steel Steps really know how to dish out the pain (Screengrabbed from trian_dela_torre’s Instagram account).

From this eyewitness account, Mr. Sy went through a myriad of emotions from this fateful encounter, ranging from pain, to more pain, and a lot more pain.


While their first encounter ended somewhat drastically, with Steel Steps getting the better of Mr. Sy, their second head-on collision at PWR Vendetta 2018 will surely put an end to this titanic rivalry of man against steel, animate object against inanimate object, and brawn against brains. Or will it?

Catch this momentous clash at PWR Vendetta 2018 on November 25, 2PM, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight!

*Also, don’t forget to catch the PWR Tag Team Championship Match between the Naughty Boys, TDTxECX (“Champion” Trian Dela Torre and “Champion” Evan Carleaux) and MSG (Main Maxx and SANDATA with Mr. Sy) at PWR Vendetta 2018 on November 25, 2PM, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight!

Anonymously written by TOTALLY NOT the Naughty Boys

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