#FullMatchFridays: PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll – QUATRO vs. Emman The Kid

This match needed no introduction.

On paper, a lot of the people familiar with the Southeast Asian Professional Wrestling Scene knew that a match between PWR’s Quatro and MyPW’s Emman “The Kid” would be a contest that would blow the roof off the venue. Each competitor’s skill and athleticism is a marvel to behold and a match between them was sure to be a hit.

Photo (c) Hub Pacheco

Leading up to this match, Quatro was coming off of a valiant attempt to try and wrest the PWR Championship away from Ralph Imabayashi. Although he came up short, Quatro won the hearts of many.

The Kid, on the other hand, was coming off hot from squeaking out a victory against a visiting Chris Panzer who went all the way to Malaysia to challenge Emman. 

The one thing for certain here was, these two would put on an international spectacle unlike any other seen in Philippine Wrestling Revolution before.

And in case you missed it this past Wednesday, the Revo-Nation was able to rally together and build up more than 444 Reactions to a Facebook post that helped unlock this match and have it released FOR FREE!

So, without further ado, we once again present to you Quatro vs. Emman “The Kid” from PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll for this edition of #FullMatchFridays!

[FULL MATCH] Quatro vs Emman "The Kid" - PWR Live Shake, Rassle & Roll

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