INK-credible Fanart: Your Favorite PWR Stars Re-imagined by Ken Lavin

If there’s one word you can use to describe the RevoNation, that word would have to be ‘creative’. For example, we have some of the most creative (and hilarious) words and phrases you would ever hear in a wrestling show: from that ‘Sulit Bayad’ chant as an alternative to the ‘This is Awesome’ one, or even that ‘Kuplex’ chant in reaction to Mike Madrigal’s jawdropping mastery of the vertical suplex. Another example would have to be the RevoNation’s costumes at PWR Live: Shake, Rassle, and Roll. Who would ever forget about that very detailed Willow costume, or the one of Marty Scurll? Philippine Wrestling Revolution surely doesn’t lack in creativity, in or out of the squared circle.


Ken Lavin’s INK-credible Fanart


If we’re gonna talk about creative fans though, nothing can top the fanart made by the talented Ken Lavin. To celebrate Inktober, Ken drew portraits of several PWR wrestlers, and boy, are we impressed! Don’t believe us? Take a look:

Ken first paid homage to the much-beloved men of the shadow (SHADOW!) known as the Council of Trabajadores.

Next, Ken showed some love for the Council’s radiant son, QUATRO. The Lightbringer himself loved this illustration!


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Next on the list, we have this illustration of the Yakuza Assassin himself, Tengu, in his signature cross-legged sitting pose.


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It hasn’t even been a year since he bid his farewell but already we’re missing the hell out of the Canadian Dragon, Zayden Trudeau. Here’s an illustration of him capturing his unparalleled intensity.


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For Ken’s 5th illustration, we have one of PWR’s power couples, Koto Hiro with his lady, the fierce and fabulous Nina.


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Next, we have Kapitan PWR in his pre-Worm moves. Speaking of this guy, anyone noticed how he seems to lose and gain weight each time we see him? Wonder if he’s okay… 🤔



This next one–an illustration of the ‘Animazing FighterBolt— feels like the most natural thing. This is basically how we see him when he steps inside that ring.




These are all very impressive works of art that had even the PWR Board yelling WONDERFUL! a la Broken Matt. It was only right to have him illustrate the poster for our year-end spectacle, PWR Vendetta. It is AMAZING.

Absolutely brilliant.


We can’t thank Ken Lavin enough for all these beautiful illustrations. Give the man the views he deserves and follow him here:


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Written by: Rafael Villanueva

Art by: Ken Lavin

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