For the past few weeks, the entire Revo-Nation has been bewildered by the sudden disappearance of Mh4rckie of the Kakaibros.

And we all thought the name  “Mh4rckie” was bad enough.

Photo from the Trian Dela Torre Facebook page


Mh4rckie was last seen at PWR Live: Homefront, in the final moments of the PWR Tag Team Championship match between the Kakaibros and the Naughty Boys of Philippine Wrestling. As everyone’s favourite jejemon duo seemingly had the match and the straps all but won after hitting the ‘Rap Beh,  two members of their hypebeast posse unceremoniously disrupted the referee’s three count, revealing themselves as none other than the Yolo Twins. Mh4rckie chased after the YOLO Twins who hurriedly retreated backstage after getting in the way of the Kakaibros’s championship aspirations. He has not been seen or heard from since.

Photo from the Kakaibros Facebook page.


Rumor has it that the Yolo Twins may have done more than give chase to Mh4rkcie backstage.  Reports say that shortly after PWR Live: Homefront, a video was uploaded on the PWR Facebook page that allegedly showed them forcing Mh4rckie into the trunk of their really expensive car. The video however, was mysteriously taken down a few minutes after it was uploaded.

The YOLO Twins have vehemently denied any involvement in the sudden disappearance of Mh4rckie, calling the video as nothing more but a mere fabrication and threatening to pursue legal action against PWR or anyone who would insist on making such accusations against them.


Philippine Wrestling Revolution – PWR here is our response. We may have been late, but be assured that our legal team in the #YoLaw firm is hard at work. We have done nothing to The KakaiBros – PWR. I hope that the social media team knows what is to be done.#YOLO

Posted by The YOLO Twins on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Faced with a dead end, we here at PWR Central decided to do a little sleuthing of our own to solve the biggest mystery heading into PWR Live: Shake, Rassle, and Roll: Where’s Mh4rckie?

Here are some possible locations for ½ of Trinoma’s Favorite Sons:


1.Ringside Bar

The last PWR wrestler to disappear in mysterious fashion, was Trian Dela Torre. More than a year ago, the Miniature Boy was nowhere to be found after his All Out War match against the Apocalypse, which led to the rest of the Naughty Boys to go on a #FindTDTBeforeAPCC campaign to find him. A day before APCC it was revealed that he was at Ringside Bar in Makati all along, defending his Midget Wrestling Championship.

To be fair, it was really hard to look for someone this small.
Photo from the Trian Dela Torre Facebook page


PWR Central immediately sent one of its correspondents to Ringside Bar. Unfortunately our 6’1” tall correspondent hit his head on the ceiling almost immediately upon entering the bar. He suffered a concussion and was rushed to the nearest, hopefully normal person-sized, hospital. Oops.

Odds: Highly (relatively) Unlikely.


Batanes is what the infamous Bermuda Triangle is to the Philippine wrestling industry. Two years ago, around twenty PWR wrestlers and staff  flew to Batanes for a show entitled “Batanes Beatdown”. They almost never got returned.


Ep. 147: The Classical Shoot Episode
Smark Gilas Pilipinas Podcast

PWR Central booked a ticket (with a return flight, of course) to Batanes for one of its correspondents, to investigate whether Mh4rckie ended up like his ill-fated colleagues from the Batanes Beatdown show.  Upon arrival, our correspondent sought the help of the local government of Batanes to find our missing Pitmalord. They promptly shot down the idea, stating that Mh4rckie would surely have been detained by airport animal and quarantine upon arrival so as to prevent contaminating the rest of Batanes with his being a jejemon .


That is one angry cow. And is that… the mysterious luchadore, “El Chanaria”?
Photo from Ralph Imabayashi’s Facebook Page


On a completely unrelated note, an angry cow sporting a black eye chased our correspondent when he was going around Batanes wearing a Blessed Club shirt.

Odds: As unlikely as PWR talent and personnel having return flight tickets for Batanes Beatdown


  1. I’m Hotel

I’m Hotel has long been suspected of being the headquarters of Keivan Korp., the alleged business enterprise of former PWR Wrestler, the mysterious Keivan Skull. Lately there have been whispers that a man with the same height, build, and hairstyle as Mh4rckie albeit with a more skeletal visage, has been sighted in the premises of I’m Hotel. Could it be the missing Mh4rckie? Or could it be someone more MYSTERIOUS?


…and Vintendø just crashed this article too. #BakitKaGanyan
Photo from Super Vintendø


Odds: I I’m not sure. Wait, what?


Skull. Crushing. Finally.
Photo from the Philippine Wrestling Revolution Facebook Page


  1. The trunk of the YOLO Twins’ Car

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Odds: find a way to finally make it righDoobi doobi dap e why do we always hurt the ones we love just once can we find a way to finally make it righDoobi doobi dap dae why do we always hurt the ones we love just once can we find a way to finally make it righDoobi doobi dap dadap


Please be advised that by virtue of a Temporary Restraining Order issued by Branch LXIX of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court, Philippine Wrestling Revolution (“PWR”) and its online publication Philippine Wrestling Revolution Central (“PWR Central”), are hereby enjoined to CEASE AND DESIST from alleging through any form of communication or publication, any and all purported involvement of our clients Yohann and Logan Ollores in the disappearance of one Mharckllyod Katrino Domingo.

– The YOLAW Firm

While PWR Central’s attempts to locate Mh4rckie has been inconclusive, we know one thing for sure: wherever he is, Mh4rckie better make it on time for PWR Live: Shake, Rassle, and Roll, or else Kh3ndrick will find himself facing the Yolo Twins on his own. That most definitely does not Sound Like Good.

Will Mh4rckie show up in time to stand alongside the Bhiqq Dawq’s for this inter-QC rivalry grudge match? Find out at PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll on October 21 at the 500 Shaw Events Pavilion!


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