#FullMatchFridays: PWR Live: Homefront – Ralph Imabayashi vs. Quatro [PWR Championship]

PWRCentral.com has returned for the third and final installment of the #FullMatchFridays series involving the top tier matches from PWR Live: Homefront this past month of September.

This week we are releasing one of the most dramatic and heart-wrenching matches that has graced us in Philippine Wrestling Revolution – Ralph Imabayashi vs. Quatro for the PWR Championship

The Build Up

This match was supposed to be (in Ralph Imabayashi’s words) a tune up match.

After successfully defending his PWR Championship for a record 6th time against Main Maxx, Ang Kampeon ng Pilipinas and hi PARTNER Mainstream Mahaba went on the mic to not issue an open challenge for the title but to rather handpick Ralph’s next challenger. Lo and behold, the MTNH duo would go on to pick the up-and-coming Quatro.

How was it supposed to be a tune-up match? In the champ’s eyes, Quatro was not ready. Sure, the former trabajador could put on great matches and get the crowd on their feet but he was nowhere near the level of experience as Ralph or most of the PWR roster for that matter. Mahaba and Imabayashi handpicked Quatro for that exact reason. They wanted to “give the crowd a fun match” while still making sure that the PWR title stays around Ralph’s waist.

Even with the strong statements from MTNH, Quatro remained unfazed and was focused on this opportunity no matter how he may have gotten it. It was still a chance for him to be in the limelight and to finally show his talents to the world. To Turn Doubters Into Believers. With that, this is what the Lightbringer had to say.

And on September 23, 2018 at PWR Live: Homefront, it was a swell battle indeed. Ralph Imabayashi and Quatro would each go to their limits and captivate the RevoNation in attendance with their fight for the PWR Championship.

So without further ado, we present to you “Ralph Imabayashi vs. Quatro for the PWR Championship” at PWR Live: Homefront for this edition of #FullMatchFridays!

PWR Live: Homefront - Ralph Imabayashi vs. Quatro [PWR Championship]

Make sure you catch both Ralph Imabayashi and Quatro at PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll happening this Sunday, October 21 at the 500 Shaw Events Pavilion.

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