PWR OGs Battle for Philippine Excellence

Ever since the the resurgence of the Philippine Wrestling Scene back in the year 2014 until its current run now, there has been three names that have resonated within the Philippine Wrestling Revolution promotion.

Those names are Ken Warren, Chris Panzer, and Jake De Leon.

These three all started in the Philippine wrestling scene together. They all started training under the watchful eye of Bombay Suarez and they grew up together honing their professional wrestling craft and sharpening their skills with and against each other.

At PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll, these three men will continue to sharpen their skills against one another as they will face off in a 3-way match for the Philippine Excellence Championship and it seems they’re all out to prove a point as stated by Mr. Philippine Wrestling in this video he posted a while back:

To continue on to Jake De Leon’s point, we here at decided to take a trip down memory lane to see the history between these three wrestlers who are fighting to become the Symbol of Philippine Excellence

The Beginnings of Philippine Excellence

Chris Panzer, Jake De Leon, Bombay Suarez & Ken Warren | Photo by Nelson Jr.

Jake De Leon was not kidding when they all started at the same time together. In the infancy stage of Philippine Wrestling Revolution, all three men took up the call for training and studied under the heart and soul of PWR, Bombay Suarez.

The three wrestler hopefuls would do squats, take bumps, and learn techniques together as part of PWR’s first batch of trainees. Little did they know that their paths would start crossing soon.

Laying the Foundation: Chris Panzer & Ken Warren

To those not deeply educated about the history of Philippine Wrestling Revolution, the rivalry between Ken Warren and Chris Panzer would actually be the first rivalry that ever sprung up from the fledgling promotion.

The series of matches these two put on against one another in PWR’s first year of existence was highly touted as an exciting part of the programming back then. A video of their battle back at the first ever PWR Terminus is even one of PWR’s top YouTube videos to this day!

Of course, young as they were back then, their skills and technique are miles ahead from where they were in this video. This was simple the foundation of where they could go.

As their rivalry in the early days of PWR would come to a close, both men came out of this series of matches stronger and better for it. Ken Warren would go on to become the first ever PHX Champion in PWR’s history and Chris Panzer would go on to become PWR Champion after an amazing comeback story in 2017.

Throughout the years, these two would face one another again and again in bouts for pride or for championships with both men growing tougher, stronger, and each contest being better than the last. This Sunday, one more contest will be added to their rivalry with the current PHX Champion Jake De Leon in tow.

Speaking of the Senyorito, let’s see how his journey intertwines with both Chris Panzer and Ken Warren in the coming years.

Raising the level: Jake De Leon & Chris Panzer

The battles between Jake De Leon and Chris Panzer throughout the years have always been a sight to behold and almost always had title implcations connected to them. Long ago, all the way back in 2014, these two would first meet in the inaugural PWR Championship Tournament at the first PWR Vendetta

After this first-time encounter, however, Jake De Leon and Chris Panzer would go their separate ways. JDL went on to become the first ever PWR Champion while Chris would have a tougher time getting his first taste of gold. In fact, it would be during Panzer’s quest for his first PWR Championship where both these men would meet again.

In 2017, Chris Panzer would go on to become the Path of Gold Winner which gave him an opportunity to challenge for any title in PWR at Wrevolution X. Being a Path of Gold Winner was a distinction that Jake De Leon held previously as well. Suffice to say, Jake De Leon wanted to test if Chris Panzer was actually ready in his quest to become the top guy in PWR which is why they had this high intensity matchup at PWR Live: Mainit in 2017.

At that time, The Motor City Angel would show The Senyorito that he was ready by besting Jake De Leon in the contest. This match was indeed a far cry from their earlier encounter back in 2014 and shows just how much these men have raised their level since starting their careers together.

After this match, however, their paths would once again stray away from each other but very soon, their paths will cross again this Sunday when they participate in a battle for Philippine Excellence along with Ken Warren.

Building Philippine Excellence: Ken Warren & Jake De Leon

Despite starting out in the Philippine Wrestling scene together, Ken Warren and Jake De Leon would rarely ever meet in PWR’s squared circle. Maybe it was just coincidence that these two would sparingly meet but whenever they did, it was a pure wrestling treat. We’ve been getting more and more of their interactions this year in 2018 and it all started at PWR Path of Gold.

And as fate would have it, as the final 2 competitors of Path of Gold, Ken Warren defeated Jake De Leon to go on to become 2018’s Path of Gold Winner.

After winning the Path of Gold match, Ken Warren would head into Wrevolution X and become the first ever 2-time PHX Champion while Jake De Leon would continue to cement his claim as “Mr. Philippine Wrestling” by continually having great matches both in the country and abroad.

A few months after Ken Warren won the belt for and started building his legacy of Philippine Excellence, Jake De Leon would make his intentions clear for the Philippine Excellence Championship because he wanted to show everyone that he IS the symbol of Philippine Excellence and that is exactly what Mr. Philippine Wrestling did.

This was a hotly-contested matchup and can be looked upon as a match that embodied Philippine Excellence from start to finish.

Right after the match, Jake De Leon would then be challenged by Tengu to the next PWR event for his newly won title which left Ken Warren without his one-on-one rematch once again. The Social Media Sinister will have the chance to regain his beloved PHX Championship in the upcoming 3-Way match with Jake De Leon and Chris Panzer this Sunday.

We know we’ve been talking about the intertwining paths and stories of these three men up to this point but just how exactly did they all end up in a match for the Philippine Excellence championship, you ask? We’ll tell you.

Philippine Excellence 3-Way

After retaining his Philippine Excellence Championship in a match with Tengu at PWR Live: Homefront, Jake De Leon would share a moment of respect with the Killer Yakuza. And it was a brief moment indeed.

With JDL’s back turned, Tengu ambushed Mr. Philippine Wrestling with an Ichiban Knee and proceeded to punish JDL further until Ken Warren came out to chase the Killer Yakuza away. However, with memories of Jake De Leon taking away his precious title running through his head, The Social Media Sinister was looking to strike the fallen Senyorito until Chris Panzer also came out to prevent Ken Warren from doing the heinous act.

As Panzer and Warren were arguing with the belt in hand, Jake De Leon stirred from Tengu’s attack and gave both Panzer and Warren superkicks possibly out of confusion as to what was happening in the situation. 

As fate would have it, the paths of all 3 of these men would finally cross in PWR. After years and years of battling against one another, honing their skills, and bettering their craft, Ken Warren, Chris Panzer, and Jake De Leon will all finally meet in a match and it is for the Philippine Excellence Championship!

Catch this match on October 21st at the 500 Shaw Events Pavilion for PWR Live: Shake, Rassle & Roll. 

Make sure you get your tickets now, RevoNation!

Photos (c) Grid Magazine, Fight Sport Manila, Calvin Alexi

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