Where are They Now? : PWR’s T-Rex

The Where Are They Now?  series aims to catch up with PWR talent who we haven’t seen in the ring for some time.

For this installment of the series, we take a look at the prehistoric phenomenon that is T-Rex. The who are not familiar with his work under the PWR banner, his entertaining, albeit dangerous style was something to behold in 2017. After assaulting The Voice of PWR Poch Estrada at Bakbakan sa Bayanihan, T Rex faced off against the Revo Ranger, retreating after putting up quite a fight. He has not been seen in a PWR ring since that fateful night.

After the encounter, PWR Central has tried time and time again to get in touch with The Jurassic One through various sources, and contacts within the wrestling industry with little to show for it…until now.

With the help of our crack research team, a few excursioning industry friends, and one unladen African swallow, we now have enough to form a semi-sensible article chronicling his road to recovery.

1. Confirmation of Recovery...and improved condition

While doing research on Mae Young Classic competitor and recent NXT recruit Kacy Catanzaro, one of our PWR interns (not named Jhemherlyhn) came across some incriminating footage of T-Rex attempting to conquer the American Ninja Warrior course in the United States. This sighting was the breakthrough we at PWR Central needed to launch a full investigation into T-Rex’s whereabouts.

This information confirmed our greatest fears: he is alive, and stronger than ever. Showcasing newfound agility and dexterity, we have reason to believe reports that T-Rex is now bionically enhanced. To what extent, we still do not know.

This footage however was only the beginning.

2. Vacation Time

We can only guess where T-Rex went after leaving NAIA, and what he was doing between March and Late July. It does appear as though he was able to enjoy the wonderful weather of Boracay prior to the closure at the end of April. Amidst the relaxing, our research interns believe that he used this time to summon his bretheren for an undertaking unlike any other…at this year’s APCC

3. Departure out of St. Paul Minnesota

Some weeks later, thanks to the aformentioned Unladen African Swallow’s report, we traced T-Rex to a wrestling gym frequented by Brock Lesnar in St. Paul, Minnesota. At this point, we can only assume that T-Rex spent a significant amount of time learning from or alongside The Beast Incarnate, seeing as the timeline mirrors one of the prolonged Brock absences from WWE TV.

How many suplexes has he mastered in that time? What techniques will he leverage with his short arms?

In video captured via the St. Paul airport, we were able to track T-Rex’s movements and flight pattern. From St. Paul, he made his way to JFK in New York, and transferred to a PAL flight, arriving in Manila some time in early March 2018. What would motivate his return to The Philippines?

4. APCC sighting

It seems that APCC was calling to T-Rex, perhaps as part of a millenia long pattern of migration. At the 2018 APCC, that theory appears to have proven factual as PWR media partners Flip Geeks were able to document the rise of the T-Rex and his friends. After sighting his bionic enhancements during his time on American Ninja Warrior, we thought there would be no way he could have gained significantly more power.

We were so f***ing wrong.

As evidenced in the video, he has learned how to use the ways of the Jedi, constructing his own lightsaber, and using mind control abilities on his fellow T-Rexes to do his bidding. This development had us stunned.

Did he appear at APCC in search of new victims? Did he and his friends simply gather for a good time with local friends? This sighting left us with more questions than answers.

5. Family Reunion in Iowa

As recently as this past weekend, one week to PWR Live: Shake, Rassle, and Roll, we received another tip. This bit of information was provided by one Unladen European Swallow, with accompanying aerial footage of a complete terror of T-Rexes (YES THE COLLECTIVE NOUN FOR T REXES IS A TERROR WE DIDN’T MAKE THAT UP).

T-Rex (clearly identified in this video at the 00:26 mark) found his family in Iowa of all places, enjoying a College Football game between Iowa State and West Virginia. At half time, their terror was allowed to dance on field in some kind of celebration, as we can clearly see the glee on each of their faces. It makes us happy to see a family reunited under such circumstances, especially without the risk of them ganging up on local wrestling talent.


All seems to be well with him in Iowa as of the moment. Even with his enhanced powers and bionic extremities, we cannot say for certain if or when we will see him again. For now, he seems to have found peace and contentment in the comfort of his family.

We here at PWR Central would like to wish T-Rex well. In all reality, we would love to do a sit down interview with him to catch up on his state of affairs, but that’s asking a lot coming from him. He has yet to respond to any of our formal correspondence, seeing as he has not yet mastered technology outside of a lightsaber.

Maybe we should all just carry around glasses of water all the time.

We’ll keep a weathered eye on the horizon for the next sighting of our T-Rex, but until then…we urge the Revo-nation to watch their backs.

You never know if, or when he will make his presence felt again.


Photo (c) Jacky Ting-Rosales

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