Behind Starlord and His Greatest Custom Creations

If you’re wondering why your favorite PWR wrestlers are suddenly getting their own action figures it’s because of an artist named Jay Cortez, the talented guy behind Starlord’s Custom Creations.

Luckily, the PWR Central team scored an interview with the Pinoy Starlord to find out what inspired him to work on his creations for the Philippine wrestling community.

Jay Cortez: I am a toy collector and an artist as well. I have a huge collection of WWE figures, Marvel and DC superheroes, Star Wars and some random figures. I started creating diorama and action figure bases for my WWE collections and eventually decided to customize my own action figures. As I honed my skill in customizing WWE characters, I shifted to creating PWR wrestlers. This endeavor gives me pride and satisfaction because what I am creating are not only figures of Filipinos but also the famous men of PWR.

PWR Central: So what got you into making PWR customized figures?

Jay: I started collecting wrestling action figures seven years ago, but as my collection is getting larger, we still don’t have that much Filipino wrestlers available on market. There is only Batista and TJ Perkins, that’s why I decided to make and add some PWR wrestlers in my collection, and hopefully complete the PWR roster!

Fun fact: He loves creating action figures for masked wrestlers! His first PWR fig was SANDATA.

Jay: Here is the custom SANDATA that I made, I sculpted and hid the part of his mouth and ears as he sported out a cool looking mask, then added the details around his eyes, finished it by painting gold and black acrylic paints.

I mostly used parts from four different action figures to create one PWR wrestler, quite expensive though, but worth it as you see the finished product and see the people’s reaction and feedbacks about it.

PWR Central: What’s your most favorite PWR action figure that you created?

Jay: I have three favorite customs PWR wrestlers as of now, I just [can’t] choose between the three of them because each figure has their own strength.

Revo Ranger, this figure is one of my favorite customs because it’s one of the trickiest to make, aside from the symmetrical details that he has, the application of yellow paints is one of customizer’s nightmares.

Mike Madrigal, my first figure to make with a removal mask and first figure also to make a hand with a middle finger.

The Apocalypse, recently finished custom figure, the design of the figure is stunning as it is, very scary looking figure and his hair is fully sculpted.

PWR Central: What is your most favorite creation of all time?

Jay: My favorite would be this Jushin “Thunder” Liger from New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), my first customized figure this year and might be the [most] detailed figure that I [have ever] created.

PWR Central: Is there anyone else in the PWR roster that you would love to make as an action figure?

Jay: I’m looking forward in making those wrestlers with masks, specially The Council Of Trabajadores, Kapitan PWR, former PWR wrestler Mayhem Branigan. And my goal is to make an action figure for the whole roster, even make an action figure for former PWR wrestlers.

That would be awesome!

Who else would you love to see in his growing collection of PWR action figures?

If you’re interested in getting a customized fig for yourself or as a gift (since the holidays are just around the corner), just send him a message on his Facebook page (Starlord’s Custom Creations) or his Instagram account @jay16_cortez!

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