Quatro Kid: Turning Doubters Into Believers

One. Two. Three. The place erupts in pure ecstasy. People are high fiving each other. A weakened but jubilant Quatro raises the coveted PWR championship belt for the first time… But what seemed like The Lightbringer’s most radiant dream began to dissolve right in front of him after the referee realizes that he had made a mistake. A mistake that led to the most painful 3-count in PWR’s recent history…and Ralph Imabayashi retaining the gold.

A New Fighter Emerges From the Shadows (SHADOW!)

The light amidst the darkness | Photo by Jacky Rosales

Quatro’s light flickered into existence late last year when he debuted alongside the Council of Trabajadores, a faction whose main ambition was to, well, lose. After bowing to the likes of Brad Cruz, Kapitan PWR, and Revo Ranger, Quatro began to wiggle away from the shadows (SHADOW!) in several acts of rebellion against the Council. This light-fueled rebellion culminated in a scorching battle against the Council’s leader himself, Trabajador Supremo. With the aid of a mysterious force, Quatro was able to slay Supremo and break free from the shackles of the shadows (SHADOW!).

Quatro smashes a flying elbow to The Warlord | Photo by Hub Pacheco

Quatro’s light didn’t stop shining there. He went on a string impressive performances against competitors like AB3, SANDATA, and Dax Xaviera His rapid rise to the top eventually got him a title shot against the Kampeon ng Pilipinas himself, Ralph Imabayashi, even though the champ and his partner, Mainstream Mahaba called this match against the Lightbringer to be a simple tune up for Ralph and to keep the RevoNation happy.


If the reason Ralph picked Quatro as the challenger for his title at PWR Homefront was because he thought it was gonna be a cakewalk, well, he was sorely mistaken. Quatro showed Ralph and the whole Revo-Nation exactly what he was made of: unparalleled heart and skill. Despite wrestling with virtually just one leg and having to deal with outside distractions, The Lightbringer brought the fight to the champ. At one point, he almost broke the champ in half with a monstrous Hyperbomb that sent shockwaves across Power Mac Center Spotlight. Quatro nearly won.

The Hyperbomb felt all over the Philippines | Photo by Hub Pacheco


You can debate all you want about the rest of the match but the undeniable truth is that Ralph’s foot was under the rope before the 3 count. Kudos to the ref for addressing his mistake almost instantly. Extra kudos to Quatro for taking defeat to gracefully when others would have lashed out.

Quatro’s following has grown significantly since his bout with the champ. I mean, take a look at the fan art he’s gotten since then:

Here’s another undeniable truth, though: Quatro is a star whose light will shine brighter and brighter each time he steps inside the ring.

The mere fact that he went from pre-show to championship match in such a short span of time erases any doubt whatsoever with regards to his capabilities as a wrestler. So, if you weren’t a believer of Quatro, now’s the perfect time to jump on board. This is only the beginning of The Lightbringer’s journey.

Quatro’s light will shine bright again. | Photo by Maow Del Rosario

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