John Sebastian & Crystal: Trouble in Paradise?

When you look up the term “Power Couple” in the local Philippine Wrestling Scene, you will most definitely see the duo of Crystal & John Sebastian in the mix. As the Queen of Philippine Wrestling and Your Wrestling Lord and Savior respectively, the couple’s reign as PWR Tag Team Champions was definitely something to behold. With their long tenure in Philippine Wrestling, their experiences wrestling abroad, and their real-life chemistry, they would go on to best tag teams such as The Network and The Punk Dolls.

But alas, like all things, their PWR Tag Team Championship reign would come to an end courtesy of The Naughty Boys, Trian Dela Torre & Evan Carleaux, and the Power of Friendship.

And the hard times for the couple would not stop there.

Instead of enacting in their rematch for the PWR Tag Team Titles at the next event, John Sebastian – who is also 50% owner of PWR – would instead put Crystal in a singles match against Ken Warren. Watch the exchange below.

So it’s been made official.

John Sebastian & Crystal don’t get a PWR Tag Title rematch but at least we get this!

Although the RevoNation will be getting a very intriguing first time matchup between these two awesome competitors, we at could not help but wonder what was going through the minds of both Crystal and John Sebastian in this span of time which is why we were able to converse with both in separate interviews.

It's Complicated?

We first caught up with the Queen of Philippine Wrestling, Crystal, to get her take on the events that transpired. When asked what her reaction to John Sebastian’s announcement of her facing Ken Warren in singles competition was, Crystal replied, “I was shocked. I was in disbelief. Yeah sure things escalated quickly, but for someone who partly owns PWR shouldn’t Sebastian be able to handle pressure with much more composure?”

Yikes. Crystal definitely pull any punches with her answer and we’re sure she won’t pull any punches against Ken Warren either. “I admit Ken Warren is one of the best PWR has. He was the inaugural PHX Champion” she expounds “But him being one of the best wont scare me. Ive faced PHX champions before, i may have lost to them but that was a different Crystal.” Which is very true. The last time Crystal faced a PHX Champion was all the way back in 2016 and she’s gained a mountain of experience since then.

Finally, we decided to ask her what her feelings towards John Sebastian is right now and she explains, “A part of me hates what he did. I hate that he thinks im the reason we lost the championships when i did everything i could. I hate that he didnt even bother asking how i was, i had bruises on my chest from Trian’s chops!”

“But I still love him” she adds, “I have to stop myself from thinking about him. But this time its different. It just feels somehow that the only person John Sebastian will ever look out for or care about is John Sebastian.”

How are things between the two? | Photo by TCHuang Productions

Questionable Decisions?

After getting Crystal’s side of the story, we decided to pay the 50% owner of PWR a visit in his office. Visibly stewing and pacing around his office, we decided to start asking him our questions (and hope he doesn’t fire us). We first asked him why he didn’t book the PWR Tag Title Rematch to which he answered, “Why, indeed. I don’t know myself. Imagine yourself in the middle of two people shouting and demanding rematches from you. Nobody understands the pressure I have to go through. NOBODY. But hey, they want rematches for titles, they can just settle it between themselves. I don’t even give a damn what title they want to challenge for, just as long as they stop shouting at me for it.”

Unquestionably irked now, we decided to press on and ask how his and Crystal’s relationship is doing. He stated, “Relationships hit rough patches. It happens. It’s especially rough when you have the weight of the entire Philippine Pro-Wrestling Industry on your shoulders and you have a damn Queen nagging at you. Look, I’ll fix it. No problems there. We should be good soon, right?”

We could give no honest response.

Finally, before we decided to call it a day, we asked him why he decided to put his 50% ownership of PWR up for contention…AGAIN. And this time, it’s against MWF’s own Robin Sane

John Sebastian vehemently replied, “Robin Sane wants to run his mouth and say he feels so good he can beat anybody. And then namedropping me…?” (watch the namedropping in the video below)

Going back to John Sebastian’s tirade against Robin Sane, “…After everything I have done for this industry? He might be hot right now. He might be winning matches against rockers and ninjas, but he is facing the man, nay, the GOD who has carried the weight of the industry on his shoulders. You might have performances, death-defying moves, and momentum at your side, Robin Sane, but you have woken the devil. You have stirred the bored god from slumber. You will regret that.”

As we tried to get another question in, John Sebastian stopped us and added “So to answer your question, I put PWR on the line because I am the only one in this universe who can do so. And if fate dictates and uses Robin Sane to tell me I’m not fit to own this company anymore, so be it, weight off my shoulders. But let’s admit it: when everything, EVERYTHING, is on the line, no one brings the fight like your #WrestlingLordAndSavior.”

Right after John Sebastian’s spiel ended, he would call in security and we would be quickly escorted out of his office and the premises.

Can They Make It Work?

Although there have been some questionable decisions and some disparaging remarks between the two, it definitely looks like Crystal John Sebastian are looking to make things work for the long run. Even though the former PWR Tag Team Champions are experiencing a rough patch right now, it would be best for us to support them during this troubling time and wish them all the best.

How will things go down you ask? It would be best to catch PWR Live: Homefront on Sunday, September 23 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight to find out what comes next for the Queen of Philippine Wrestling and Your Wrestling Lord and Savior.


Main Image (c) Hub Pacheco

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