PWR Renaissance 2018 [Full Results]

PWR Renaissance 2018

The 5th edition of PWR Renaissance did not disappoint at all. A lot of memorable matches, dramatic feuds, and shocking title changes ensued on this night in August at the Power Mac Center Spotlight.

Here’s what went down:


1. The Apocalypse def. Kapitan PWR

The Apocalypse made quick work of the returning Kapitan PWR with a Death Bell

2. Brad Cruz gets attacked once again

After suffering a beatdown at the hands of McKata at PWR Live: Way of the Champion, Brad Cruz decided to bring some back up in the form of Samoan Papa. Unbeknownst to him, Samoan Papa was actually on McKata’s side leading Brad Cruz to suffer another heinous attack. Will Brad Cruz ever find any friends amidst his pogi problems?


1. The Kakaibros def. The YOLO Twins & The Deadly Sinns

It was a high octane 3-way match through and through. Insane dives and hard strikes galore. When it seemed that the Deadly Sinns would be cruising to a victory, Mike Madrigal would turn on his partner Vlad Sinnsyk and tried to leave the spoils to the YOLO Twins. Unfortunately for the twins from Katips, the Kakaibros were lurking nearby and swooped in to get the pin and the big victory for their 2rd win.

2. Martivo def. Chris Panzer

In a highly competitive match, Martivo would score the upset victory over 2-time PWR Champion, Chris Panzer with a Grabe ‘tey!

3. Bolt & Revo Ranger def. Jan Evander, PwD & SuperVintendø

The “respawned” Revo Ranger and Bolt were able to defeat the evil forces of Jan Evander and SuperVintendø. But after the match, we would see an more despicable alliance form with The Apocalypse.

4. ALL OUT WAR Championship: AB3 (c) def. Quatro, Dax Xaviera & SANDATA

This match would feature some hard-hitting action where bodies would be used as weapons and weapons were also used as weapons. Quatro, Dax Xaviera, and SANDATA gave it their all but in the end, the Warlord, Alexander Belmonte III would stand tall and remain your ALL OUT WAR Champion.

5. PWR Tag Team Championship: The Naughty Boys def. John Sebastian & Crystal to become new tag team champions

Amidst all the personal issues and drama they were enduring, The Naughty Boys would best the now former PWR Tag Champs John Sebastian and Crystal to show everyone the strength of the Power of Friendship.

6. PHX Championship: Jake De Leon def. Ken Warren to become the new PHX Champion

In an intense and hard-fought battle, Mr. Philippine Wrestling Jake De Leon would defeat The Social Media Sinister Ken Warren after a 3rd Alipin Drop to become the new Philippine Excellence Champion.

Jake De Leon would then offer a handshake to Ken Warren to which the now former PHX Champion refused to honor.

And just moments after, we would learn that Jake De Leon’s next opponent would be the Yakuza Assassin himself, Tengu.

7. Mainstream Mahaba def. Koto Hiro & Zayden Trudeau

In what was supposed to a singles match between Koto Hiro and Zayden Trudeau, Rederick Mahaba would insert himself into the match (despite his scheduling issues) and announced that he shall now be referred to as “Mainstream Mahaba”

Mainstream Mahaba’s insertion into the match played no part in slowing down Koto and Zayden. It was high-flying and flips galore but alas, the crafty Mahaba would pick his spot and ultimately grasp the win from the clutches of Koto Hiro and Zayden Trudeau.

After the match, Koto Hiro and Zayden Trudeau would say their heartfelt goodbyes to the RevoNation.

8. PWR Championship: Ralph Imabayashi (c) def. Main Maxx

In what was one of Ralph Imabayashi’s toughest PWR title defenses to date, the Best Pure Wrestler of PWR would put away Main Maxx after a ridiculous submission hold.

After the match, Ralph Imabayashi and Rederick Mahaba would condescendingly issue a challenge to Quatro for the PWR Championship stating that they need a warm up title defense that could also excite the crowd. Quatro would come out and accept the challenge.

That’s it for all the action and drama at PWR Renaissance!

RevoNation, we’ll catch you on September 23, 2018 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight for PWR Live! 

Stay tuned for further announcements!

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