From 1th win to 1th anniversary: KakaiBros’ Year One at PWR Renaissance

Just recently, PWR Central heard from the BroNation that at Renaissance, the KakaiBros will be celebrating their firth (1th) anniversary so we decided to pay these br0dhers an0dher fr0hm mh0dher an0dher a little visit.

We found the KakaiBros at Edi Sa Puso Mo (exact location will not be revealed by the PWR Central team) surrounded by hypebeasts, and kakaibabes with the PitmaL0rd, Mh4rckie helping Kh3ndrick get back on track after getting a beat-down from Mike Madrigal.

Reading this interview will be quite a challenge, so paging @KakaiTranslated, the RevoNation might need your help on this.

PWR Central: Hey Mh4rckie and Kh3ndrick, so sorry to barge in all of a sudden but can we interview you for a sec?

Kh3ndrick: s0undz lyk qhud. Per0 bifour dhat, i juszt wana soemting say, get wHaLe so0n Jhemherlhynn! mwua mwua tszup tszup wenk wenk

PWR Central: So first of all, congratulations on your 1th win, and now you’re approaching your 1th anniversary! How are you feeling?

Mh4rckie: we fells so exited bc0z wer ahlredie 1th year on pwr in pwr bc0me s0undz lyk qhud bc0z of us. PWR bec0med pfeymusz in pitmal0 in the cr0wd bec0med manyer.

PWR Central: Did you expect that your tag team will reach this milestone?

Kh3ndrick: yes opfc0rz! we n0t mHay whine 0lweysz bUt we neber gHived up. I I’m mhaiD mHine deByuu ass singLe ohnLeh, bUt aym beri beri beri hapfiness t0 be tHuq tHemesz wid Mh4rckie. His lyk br0der mh0der in an0ther!

Mh4rckie: youre Qhueszti0n s0undz lyk wr0nq, the s0undz lyk qhud Qhueszti0n is: dhid pwr expfected tath they will bec0med expfected milest0ned? N0! They did d0nt! Bhut is 0kay bc0z we sh0ed pwr in br0nati0n tath will well bec0med in sh0wcased u0r pfeymuszed in pitmal0d greetnesz. N0hw PWR bec0med milest0ned.

PWR Central: How has the reception of the RevoNation changed?

Mh4rckie: PWR haved n0 recepfti0nisz befour. N0w I thank dear are afflicantsz f0r recepfti0nisz 0n PWR.

PWR Central: Kh3ndrick do you have anything to say?

Kh3ndrick: s0undz lyk qhud

PWR Central: Uhh okay?… maybe we should ask a different question. What changes did you undergo after a year of teaming up together?

Speaking of changes…remember X4vi3r F3r4rri???

Kh3ndrick: we we’re fuzther. we we’re str0ngered. We we’re has m0st chemisthree. and we we’re m0st szmartest n0w.

Mh4rckie: we upgradeed u0r wristlinq qhear. we served m0ney fr0m PWR faymentsz in c0rlected wHatHer battles when sh0w finished in saled it at jhunksh0psz. nh0w we haved buyed cars lyk tuy0ta civic in nissahn cr0y0la.

*After this, the PWR Central team went out for a quick break to check their things (just in case something’s missing).*

PWR Central: Okay we’re back, and we thought maybe we should also ask: Since when did you guys learn how to speak in English?

Kh3ndrick: sinsz BERT.

Mh4rckie: science bhirthdhay, we c0med 0ut fr0m u0r mh0hters tooooot crhyinq enqlish.

(Okay, maybe we shouldn’t have asked that)

PWR Central: Onto the more important question: We surely loved seeing you guys by Mike Madrigal’s side and writing those reviews, but after Way of the Champion, things must’ve changed. So what are your thoughts on your relationship with Mike Madrigal?

Mh4rckie: where n0t qhay, ecxuze me. where jhuszt frhiendz lyk brh0htersz but n0t n0w anym0re.

Kh3ndrick: s0undz lyk bh4d. m0ob owN m0ob owN dhen.

PWR Central: Not anymore? So it’s probably the end of the road for the “P*Tang’Nang rh3vi3w p0h”?

Mh4rckie: if mhyke saids s0hrry and free us in tayste lyk qhud rheszthaurant in bhuy us new qhear mhaybe wheel mhake feace.

In case you haven’t read, here’s the pfeymusz review:

PWR Central: So, what’s next for the KakaiBros?

Kh3ndrick: mhannie theengsz is pfassib0l

Mh4rckie: fyuchur PWR s0undz lyk qhud thuqtheme chahmpfi0nsz, mh0re mhall sh0es, mh0re pf0wer, mh0re tahrfauleens, mh0re pfeymusz in pitmal0 whristlinq.

Whell, dutsz eet pf0lks. We we’re h0pped yu0 supfer enjHoy reeding da pfeymusz and pitmal0 enterbhyhews 0pf 0ls.

Photo by Dodong Dela Cruz

Who will they face next? Will they finally resolve their feud against Mike Madrigal? And more importantly, how will these boys celebrate their 1th anniversary? Find out on PWR: Renaissance, August 26 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit Makati.

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