BREAKING NEWS: ALL OUT WAR Championship Match at PWR Renaissance Confirmed

Photo from When In Manila & TCHuang Productions

Back at PWR Live: Way of the Champion, we were treated to a barnburner of a match as QUATRO, SANDATA & Dax Xaviera all fought for the chance to become the #1 Contender to Alexander Belmonte III‘s ALL OUT WAR Championship.

But alas, we would not be able to find out which of the three competitors would go on to become #1 contender to face the WARLORD at PWR Renaissance as that match would end in a NO CONTEST due to it devolving into chaos.

Photo from When In Manila & TCHuang Productions

What would become of the ALL OUT WAR Title come #PWRRenaissance? In a recently released #PWRAftershock, The Warlord took matters into his own hands.

And there you have it! Alexander Belmonte III will be defending his ALL OUT WAR title in a 4-Way Match against SANDATA, QUATRO, and Dax Xaviera. Make sure you get your tickets now and catch this match on August 26th at the Power Mac Center Spotlight for PWR Renaissance!

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