PWR Live: Way of the Champion [Full Results]

PWR Live: Way of the Champion [Full Results]

It was a night full of action, intensity, and drama. PWR Live: Way of the Champion did not disappoint despite the heavy rains thanks to the passion of the PWR Wrestlers and the full-fledged support of the RevoNation in attendance.

Here’s what went down at the event:


1. McKata attacks Brad Cruz

In a match that was supposed to be Brad Cruz & McKata vs. The Ninjas, the match would end up not happening at all thanks to McKata attacking his now former tag team partner, Brad Cruz, from behind.

2. SuperVintendo w/ Jan Evander, PwD def. Revo Ranger w/ Bolt

SuperVintendo and Jan Evander, PwD would proceed to attack Revo Ranger after the match and Bolt would come in to make the save. Revo Ranger would be stretchered out of the ring and is currently being looked at by medical professionals.


1. PWR Championship Tournament Semis: Jake De Leon def. Chris Panzer

Jake De Leon would defeat Panzer after two Alipin Drops.

2. Mike Madrigal & McKata def. The Kakaibros

Brad Cruz would come in to try and exact revenge on McKata but Mike Madrigal would just end up laying everyone out.

3. SANDATA vs. Dax Xaviera vs. QUATRO would end in a no-contest

The match would end up being too hot to handle for everyone involved which left officials no choice but to call it a no-contest.

4. PWR Championship Tournament Semis: Main Maxx def. The Apocalypse

Main Maxx would wind up with the roll up victory after a hard-hitting affair

5. PWR Championship Tournament Finals: Main Maxx def. Jake De Leon

Despite John Sebastian announcing that the finals would be right after Main Maxx’s hellish bout with The Apocalypse, he would be able to put away Jake De Leon with 3 straight Blitzkriegs and go on to become the #1 Contender for the PWR Championship.

6. PWR Tag Team Championship: John Sebastian & Crystal (c) def. GrabCamus & Kapitan Tutan

GrabCamus and Kapitan Tutan would receive this title shot right after the first ever live edition of the Carleaux Sheaux

7. The Naughty Boys def. The YOLO Twins

Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux would get the small package win over the talented YOLO Twins but after the match, John Sebastian would hit the Naughty Boys’ intern Jhemmerlynn with a sneak attack to Dela Torre’s and Carleaux’s grief.

8. ALL OUT WAR Championship Match: Alexander Belmonte III (c) def. Martivo

9. PHX Championship Match: Ken Warren (c) def. Rederick Mahaba

After successfully defending his title, Ken Warren would go on to officially rename the PHX championship into the “Philippine Excellence” Championship and lay down an open challenge for his title at PWR Renaissance.

The man to answer that open challenge? Mr. Philipine Wrestling Jake De Leon.

10. PWR Championship: Ralph Imabayashi (c) def. Koto Hiro

Despite Koto Hiro and Nina’s best efforts, Ralph Imabayashi would go on to defend his PWR Championship amidst all the drama in this match.

After the title match, Main Maxx would come out to confront the champion in anticipation for their PWR Championship match at PWR Renaissance and despite a sneak attack from Rederick Mahaba and Ralph Imabayashi, Main Maxx would lay both men and and stand tall.

That’s it for all the action and drama at PWR Live: Way of the Champion!

RevoNation, we’ll catch you on August 26, 2018 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight for PWR Renaissance!

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