A Wily Doctor (EYYYYY)

Now that Jan Evander, Pw.D. has formed an alliance with Vintendo, the self-proclaimed super-villain has taken liberties with giving the red bomber a much-needed upgrade. The evil genius with a doctorate in pro wrestling, however, has kept mum about the current state of PWR’s resident Raging Gamer.

We at PWR Central take pride in always getting the first scoop, so we sent one of our PWR Central correspondents to infiltrate Jan Evander’s laboratory to get a sneak peek at this “Super Vintendo.”

Over 9000 (Possibilities)

Our correspondent came back with pretty vague descriptions of what Super Vintendo looks like. He’s not at fault, mind you, as the Raging Gamer was found inside a tinted cylindrical enclosure. We could only guess what that was. A forced evolutionary chamber, perhaps?

We at PWR Central have been wondering (and we’re sure you are, too, RevoNation) what this Super Vintendo looks like, so we went ahead and went wild with our imagination to give you these Super Vintendo forms:

An omnipotent blade, perhaps?
An exponential increase in brute strength, complemented by green skin?
Bigger is better, amiright?
Fight anime with anime.
Is Jan Evander experimenting with hybridization? If yes, are we going to see an amalgamation of Vintendo and the mysterious Keivan Skull aka KEIVINTENDO?
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike? SUPER VINTENDO: 3rd SANDO.

“Salamat, Vintendo”

(Not Bong Revilla’s ‘Salamat, Kaibigan’ speech)

But wait! THERE’S MORE!

It seems our correspondent didn’t leave Jan Evander, PWd’s lab empty-handed, after all. A double sando-wearing, but apparently glitching Vintendo was able to utter a few audible words:

“Super Vintendo BAKIT KAYO GANYAN is not just going to be the High-Scoring, Combo-breaking, D-Pad-Smashing, BAKIT KAYO GANYAN Raging Gamer you all know and love (or BAKIT KAYO GANYAN hate). This time he’s more vicious, BAKIT KAYO GANYAN more unforgiving, and with more rage to BAKIT KAYO GANYAN unleash.”

These were Vintendo’s words before our not-so-stealthy correspondent loudly replied with “Salamat, Vintendo!” and was caught by Jan Evander, Pw.D. and was asked to leave the premises.

“I’m a Pw.D. You, on the other hand, hindi ka PWD DITO!”, he exclaimed.

We all came seeking answers, and yet, all we found were more questions…questions which will hopefully be answered this Sunday as Revo Ranger goes against a freshly respawned Super Vintendo at PWR LIVE: Way of the Champion!

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