10 things you need to know about GrabCamus

In case you missed it, the beloved PWR Head Young Boy, GrabCamus, finally started the biggest trip of his life. His destination? The PWR main roster!

It was during PWR Live: Re5peto when the crowd received their biggest surprise of that night – GrabCamus was announced to compete at the Tag Team Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership for the PWR Tag Team Titles alongside his colleague, Kapitan Tutan.

That moment surely got 5 stars from the RevoNation. Just listen to their reaction:

His appearance during the previous PWR event may have been short and sweet but that didn’t make it any less memorable. And to celebrate that, we’ve listed down 10 things about GrabCamus to make sure you get to know the best driver in town!

1. He started out as a PWR Ring Announcer

He debuted as PWR’s ring announcer at the PWR Terminus event in December 2014. He decided to let go of his announcing duties to focus on becoming a wrestler.

2. His PWR Bootcamp Journey was the longest to date

It took GrabCamus 2 years to graduate from PWR’s bootcamp system due to a severe ankle injury on 2015 and getting stuck in EDSA during Payday Friday

P.S. PWR Bootcamp is coming back on August 5! Make sure you send a message to PWR’s Facebook page to inquire!

3. He really drives around Metro Manila all the time.

And he doesn’t cancel on anyone. Be like Camus, you guys.

4. Usual Grab drivers have Waze, GrabCamus has The Naughty Boys (and a lot of booze)

“I owe a lot to The Naughty Boys. Through many nights of drinking and friendship, they helped me figure out who GrabCamus really was. The Carleaux Sheaux gave me an outlet to hone a lot of what many have come to enjoy about the character. They really helped me work through some rough patches, and really gave me something to work with.

They keep me sane and make happy. I love having this crew having my back.” – GrabCamus

PSA: Don’t drink & drive guys

5. His ring name is actually fan-made

“When it got to the point that TDT started summoning me as his ‘noble steed’ to ride to the back, people started picking up on it. I can’t remember who it was but there were a couple of joke posts, including what eventually became the official logo featuring myself as a Grab driver. Shoutout to Charles Calimbahin also for the sweet logo!” – GrabCamus

6. He replaced Alexander Belmonte III as Head Young Boy

“After coming back from my injury, and not being a complete liability during my young boy duties, an opportunity presented itself. The man who would eventually become Alexander Belmonte III was holding the position for PWR Live: Shawdown, then proceeded to debut…leaving another spot that needed to be filled. I filled that spot.

I was asked to run the Young Boy system mostly because I knew the roster well enough to work with, and around them. The production team and roster trusted me to keep things together on that end of things. I’d like to think I have for the most part.” – GrabCamus

7. Sami Zayn is his main inspiration

Let his Wrevolution X gear speak for itself.

8. Don’t worry, his future gear will be more conservative than Kap’s

“I want to get proper tights in the future, that will most likely contrast with Kap’s…hotdog red outfit.” – GrabCamus

9. It took 6 people to eliminate GrabCamus during the Tag Team Battle Royal

Sorry Camus, they cancelled your trip to the Tag Team gold  🙁

10. He wants to cross paths with the following wrestlers someday

“My dream opponents in the local wrestling scene would be the following:


  1. Migs Rosales
  2. Jake De Leon
  3. Chris Panzer


  1. KakaiBros
  2. BaeWolf (from MWF)
  3. MTNH

I’d also like to see if I could take Tenga on one day…I mean Tengu. If it’s with The Kraken, Doctor Hertz, or even Tarquin…I really want to face the Yakuza Assassin.” – GrabCamus

That's it! What else can you look forward to you ask?...

“Expect to feel a surge coming. Raw power, with just enough finesse. GrabCamus can hit you like a bulldozer, but handles like a Skyline GT when necessary.” – GrabCamus

Want to see more of GrabCamus? Follow his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GrabCamus

Or head over to the Power Mac Center Spotlight on July 22 for PWR: Way of the Champion to see him and the rest of the Naughty Boys in action!


Photo credits: GrabCamus, Michael Bueza, Dodong Dela Cruz, Evan Carleaux, Charles Calimbahin

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