Reviews, Resbakan at Realtalkan: The Mike Madrigal & Kakaibros Story

If you haven’t been following Philippine Wrestling Revolution closely the past half-year, you might have missed one of the more compelling stories in Philippine Wrestling which is the rise and fall of the trio of Mike Madrigal and the Kakaibros. 

For the past 6 months, this group of talented individuals did not only bring on the smack talk and laugh-out-loud moments to their opponents and to PWR but they very well also brought the hard hits and the athletic ability to back it all up.

Recently, however, a rift would rise up between them where Mike Madrigal would raise a fist in anger to the Kakaibros leading to a falling out of sorts which could only lead to more conflict. That is why in this PWR Central article, we are here to chronicle the journey that was Mike Madrigal & The Kakaibros’ partnership. We hope you enjoy the ride.

It started with a review.

Photo from the Kakaibros' Facebook

No one would have ever expected a trio like Mike Madrigal & The Kakaibros to ever exist in PWR, let alone Professional Wrestling, yet here we are. This unlikely group was brought together by the most unusual of things – A WRESTLING REVIEW. All three members felt that they had something to say about all the other matches that happened in a PWR event and whether it was through kapal ng mukha or pure kabobohan, they made what is now known as the iconic “ANG PUTANGINANG rH3vi3w poh”

The reviews these three men would release (although very difficult to understand) would go on to be smash hits among fans of Philippine Wrestling. Deviating from the norm of journalistic integrity and delikadesa, these reviews would just be unabashedly biased and critical against anyone they hated and would sing praises for everyone they liked.

Although not being the most professional of wrestling reviews out there, people fell in love with it and in turn fell in love with the unfiltered humor of Mike Madrigal and the Kakaibros. A new trio was formed.

Kayo ang Resbak Ko

What started off as an understanding between two different and independent organisms to churn out a professional wrestling review every PWR show would slowly turn into a mutually beneficial camaraderie between the parties involved. Not in a “I have your back, you have my back” kind of way though but more of a “You have my back and I won’t kill you” kind of way. Like one of those birds that clean the crocodile’s teeth of bugs.

This mutually beneficial partnership between Mike Madrigal and The Kakaibros would first rear its ugly head against Main Maxx. The longest reigning PHX champion would return to the ring and challenge Madrigal for his PHX championship after almost a year on the sidelines due to injury. Maxx would have been the first ever 2-time PHX Champ too, if it weren’t for the Kakaibros.

This turn of events at Path of Gold would not only officially mark the partnership between the Kakaibros and Mike Madrigal but it would also put the rest of the roster on notice that these three would be a force you could not ignore.

Realtalkan: Di talaga sila Friends

Although their partnership reaped wonderful benefits (for Mike Madrigal) back in Path of Gold 2018, the unlikely trio’s paths would branch out differently heading into Wrevolution X. Back in Path of Gold 2018, Ken Warren would go on to win the Path of Gold Match and he would decide to challenge Mike Madrigal for the PHX Championship after Madrigal almost put him in the injured list for a 2nd time in a span of months. The Kakaibros, however, would have to deal with not only the guy they helped screw out of the PHX Title, Main Maxx, but they would now also have to deal with The Apocalypse thanks to Mr. Sy’s efforts.

Two very unusual things would happen at Wrevolution X 2018. Two things that would help spark the descent of this mutually beneficial partnership. The first spark that would cause the fire would be The Kakaibros getting their 1TH WIN ever at Wrevolution X.

The second spark that would continue to feed the fire leading up to the descent would be Mike Madrigal losing his PHX Championship to Ken Warren despite getting help from the Kakaibros.

So as you can see, both Mike Madrigal’s and the Kakaibros’ paths took two very different turns. King Kupal would go on to lose his most prized possession after 200+ days of defending it while the hypebeasts were over the moon with their first win. This is where the 3rd and final spark to ignite the flames of the group’s downfall would begin. Mike Madrigal would go on record to challenge Ken Warren for his PHX Championship in the first ever 3 Stages of Death match in Philippine Wrestling History at PWR Live: Re5peto. Madrigal, who is known for making sure he covers all bases, came to the Kakaibros again to demand for their help but as can be seen on video, a bit of friction was starting between them.

Whether it was the Kakaibros’ lax demeanor or the way Mike Madrigal came on too strongly being the cause of the friction we may never know. But the fact that Mike Madrigal raised a hand and was about to hit Mh4rcki3 cannot be ignored. It was definitely something the Kakaibros did not ignore nor take too lightly as we all saw how at PWR Live: RE5PETO, they left Mike Madrigal hanging which formally ended the trio’s mutually beneficial partnership.

Where do we go from here?

Well obviously, Mike Madrigal won’t take this lying down and that means we’ve been getting a lot of good back and forth banter between Mike Madrigal and the Kakaibros on social media.

Social media fighting aside, it has been made official that The Kakaibros will be facing Mike Madrigal and a partner of his choosing at PWR Live: Way of the Champion. But before we even got to the match announcement, this bombshell by Mike Madrigal’s would be partner, Vlad Sinnsyk, was dropped.

So once again, Mike Madrigal will have to find a partner as per usual in most of his tag team bouts in recent memory. Will he be able to find the right partner to help defeat the Kakaibros at PWR Live: Way of the Champion or will the hypebeasts from Edi sa Puso Mo defeat their former partner in crime? Get your tickets now and catch what goes down on July 22nd at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati for PWR Live: Way of the Champion!

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