BREAKING NEWS: Robynn has been Suspended!

Majority-owner and General Manager John Sebastian announced that the Punk Rock Maiden has been suspended indefinitely for her actions at PWR Live: Re5peto.

“I just got a call from Atty. Ollores. He’s enraged at what happened to Logan and demands swift action be taken against Robynn, or else he’ll sue us”, said the Wrestling Lord and Savior. “Heading into PWR Live: Way of the Champion, we all know a lawsuit is the last thing PWR needs right now. That’s why as your Wrestling Lord and Savior, I am saving the show, no, the entire company, by suspending Robynn indefinitely. You’re all welcome. I would’ve gone the extra mile and also suspended Martivo, had Atty. Ollores asked me to. Maybe I should ask him if he wants that too? Let me get back to you on that.”

The call for suspension actually started from this video by the YOLO Twins posted on their social media:

Robynn, one half of the Punk Dolls, put up an impressive performance in the #1 Contenders’ Battle Royale at PWR Live: Re5peto. However, Logan Ollores of the YOLO Twins managed to eliminate her when she went up on a turnbuckle for one of her patented high risk maneuvers.

“DPT, I dunno what happened. I was totally beating the odds even without Yohann and was about to single-handedly win the #1 Contendership”, recalled Logan while sipping his Mocha Chocolate Chip Panna Cotta Frappuccino. “Then outta nowhere Robynn, who I already eliminated, went back in the ring, blindsided me, and threw me out. That’s like, so madaya.”

“Yeah DPT, too bad I was sick and couldn’t watch Logan’s back”, chimed in Yohann while sipping his Pistachio Bon Bon Cream Frappuccino. “Logan almost had that Battle Royale won, until Robynn went berserk. She even laid her hands on PWR officials, referees! She laid her hands on our dear, hardworking, and dedicated PWR referees! Aren’t they very kawawa? You all know, she really deserves to be suspended!  Justice has been served today. Thank you, John Sebastian. Oh, and Revo Ranger? Thanks for nothing!”

“TY JSWLAS GG EZ!”, Logan hollered. “What my brother means is we look forward to seeing what else John Sebastian has planned to make things right. Suggestion lang naman binigay namin, but ultimately he’s the boss, it’s his decision. And we’re glad he made the right decision after talking to our dad.”, said Yohann, as he and his brother handed their empty frappuccino cups to our hapless PWR Central correspondent and swaggered out of Starbs Katips.

PWR Central sent out one of its correspondents to hear Robynn’s take on the matter. The correspondent returned an hour later, with a black eye.

To find out more about how this developing story unfolds, make sure to catch PWR Live: Way of the Champion, July 22, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, in Circuit, Makati.

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