BREAKING NEWS: Challenger for AB3’s ALL OUT WAR Championship at Way of the Champion Revealed

Photo from AB3's Facebook Page

ALL OUT WAR Champion Alexander Belmonte III announced last week on his Facebook page his search for an opponent at PWR Live: Way of the Champion.

A champion actively challenging others while putting their own title on the line can be quite unorthodox. However, in a PWR Central exclusive, AB3 insists on being a fighting champion: “As the Warlord, I will actively seek out competition and fight those I deem deserving of a fight for the ALL OUT WAR title.”

Furthermore, AB3 has shared that after carefully assessing the PWR locker room, the ALL OUT WAR Champion has finally found an opponent in the Man-Doll, Martivo. “To be honest, I could’ve asked for someone I can easily beat,” he says, “but I wanted a challenge. And after seeing Martivo’s performance recently, I knew I wanted to fight him.”

AB3 even called out Martivo recently on his social media just recently.

Undeniably, the leader of The Rainbow Squad has displayed his remarkable talent in the ring throughout his years in PWR. “Martivo is a great technical wrestler and a crafty one at that,” AB3 continues, “which is why I want to best him in that aspect in a straight up SINGLES MATCH for my title.”

Despite putting himself in a title defense, AB3 has absolutely no plans on letting go of the ALL OUT WAR Championship any time soon. “I am on a personal quest to bring class and new found prestige to the ALL OUT WAR title and I will not lose to anyone until I achieve that goal!”

“Martivo, we’ve started in Bootcamp at the same time and I’ve watched you grow as a performer,” AB3 revealed, “so I know what you’re capable of. I know that you will bring the fight that I want.”

Upon reaching out to Martivo for his response, the Man-Doll made it clear that he wasn’t going to back down from any challenge. “I’m all about opportunities,” he said. “I take advantage of every chance that I receive to go to great lengths just to prove myself. So, what d’ya do when an opportunity knocks? You take it!”

So how is Martivo preparing for such a big championship match? “I have been watching a lot of AB3’s matches recently just to familiarize myself with what he’s really capable of,” he shares. “I even had to take a trip down memory lane as my first-ever match in Bootcamp was against him. I’d say I’m pretty prepared now.”

Nevertheless, Martivo knows not to let his confidence get the best of him and told us that there is much more to do aside from preparing for a match against a legitimate champion like AB3. “I guess I’ll just surprise him with whatever trick I have up my sleeve,” he teased. He proceeded to vow that he will give the Warlord, as well as the Revo-nation, one hell of match. “I will prove myself yet again, and show everybody that I am not just a pretty face.”

When asked if Martivo had a message for the Champion, he said: “Witness me walk the talk, AB3. I can’t wait to get in the ring with you, 1-on-1. I’ll see ya on the 22nd, Champ.”

It’s official, “The Warlord” Alexander Belmonte III will defend the ALL OUT WAR Championship against “The Man-Doll” Martivo at PWR Live: Way of the Champion, July 22, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, in Circuit, Makati.

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