TDT Goes Toe-to-Toe with TTB

At PWR Live: RE5PETO, the Naughty Boys of Philippine Wrestling, “The Miniature Boy” Trian Dela Torre and “the Future of PWR” Evan Carleaux, outlasted five other teams in a massive six-team battle royale to become the new #1 Contenders for the PWR Tag Team Championship against the “Wrestling Lord and Savior” and 50% owner of PWR John Sebastian, and “Queen of Philippine Wrestling” Crystal.

The Naughty Boys celebrate! (Photo by: Charles Coralejo)

To celebrate their upcoming title shot against defending champions, the Dynamic Dueaux actually decided to invite the Power Couple to be their guests on the first-ever in-ring, Live Edition of the Carleaux Sheaux at PWR Live: Way of the Champion.

In preparation for the upcoming live edition of the Carleaux Sheaux, Trian Dela Torre actually enlisted himself to go on a little excursion to train in the ways of the hosting arts. PWR Central caught wind of the Midget Wrestling Champion’s special excursion and decided to see if they can follow him as he was slated to be a panelist on Boy Abunda’s Talk Show, The Bottomline.

PWR Central sent a team to the Naughty Boys’ clubhouse to catch him on his way to this special excursion. Upon arrival, the Dwarf Star of the Trianverse ordered Kapitan Tutan to conduct a very thorough frisking of the entire PWR Central team. After a series of heavy pat-downs and after narrowly avoiding a strip-search, the team was directed by Kap to join his boss inside a vehicle chauffeured by none other than GrabCamus.

On the way to the taping, PWR Central took the time to ask the Little People’s Champion about his apparent apathy towards training in contrast to Evan Carleaux’s almost religious commitment to hitting weights every night. While getting his makeup done by his intern, Jhemherlhynn, he contemptuously retorted, “We sitting in here — I’m supposed to be the Inch for Inch Best Wrestler in the World Today, and we in here talking about training. I mean, listen: We talking about training. Not a match. Not a match. Not a match. We talking about training. Not a match. Not the match that I go out there and die for and work every match like it’s my last. Not the match. We talking about training, you kapre…

(From Trian Dela Torre's Instagram)

…man, look, I hear you. It’s funny to me, too. It’s strange to me, too. But we’re talking about training, man. We’re not even talking about the match. The actual match. When it matters. We’re talking about training.” Before we could ask another question, the World’s Inch-for-Inch Best got distracted by a horde of hypebeasts crossing the street. Rolling down his window, he howled, “stay away from Jhemherlhynn, Kh3ndrick!”, as GrabCamus sped closer towards our destination.

Upon arrival at the set of The Bottomline, the King of Small Style earnestly approached Tito Boy to shake his hand. “Nice to see you again, Tito Boy”, quips the Half-prize Fighter to a bewildered Tito Boy. The Pint-sized Powerhouse noticing the puzzled look on Tito Boy’s face, slyly smiled and said, This is actually my second time on your set, for this show. I was here four years ago when I was but a mere intern for one of your guests. I guess you don’t recall seeing me back then? It’s alright; I guess I am that small. I’m not the Midget Wrestling Champion of the World for nothing.”

TDT Meets TTB (Photo by Sanya Coo)

We found out that the High Lord of the Highchair would be serving as one of the panelists for the question and answer portion for the episode’s guest, Atty. Salvador Panelo, Chief Legal Counsel of President Duterte. Getting a front row seat to see a master at work, while getting the chance to practice my own chops on the President’s Chief Legal Counsel? NICE.”, quips the Bite-sized Brawler as a production assistant meticulously mounts a lapel microphone on him.

Screenshot by Martin (MARTIN!) Vicencio

As the taping began, the Greatest of Small Time was ushered along with four other panelists towards the stage. Perhaps mindful of his stature as a Midget Wrestling Champion, they made him sit in the middle of the panel. Atty. Panelo kicked off the taping with a musical performance, singing three straight songs with such gusto and joie de vivre. In the middle of the performance PWR Central received an SMS from the Inch High Emperor, who revealed that the Atty. Panelo’s songs reminded him of McKata and his bars. Wait. No, they didn’t. McKata doesn’t really have any.

After a few minutes of pleasantries between Tito Boy and Atty. Panelo, it was finally time for the Question and Answer portion. Tito Boy turned his attention to the Kapre Slayer and his fellow panelists and prompted them to ask any questions they may have for the night’s guest.

Photo from The Bottomline PH

PWR Central approached him at the end of the taping to get his thoughts on his recently concluded talk show excursion. “I was able to ask Atty. Panelo three questions in relation to the President he serves. My first question was: how come several government officials who were previously dismissed by the President due to allegations of corruption been reappointed to government service? This is so unlike PWR under the caring and watchful eye of AMA JSWLAS, where corruption or misconduct is not tolerated. Just look at how swiftly and decisively he brought the hammer down on the corrupt members of Team Sy.

My second question for Atty. Panelo was: will the President step down from his position upon the establishment of a federal form of government as he previously promised or will he remain president and finish his term? I wanted to know if the President would turn back on his word and choose to remain in power, which I somehow hope he doesn’t, lest we find the son of a dictator somehow swoop in and take the reins from him. I however, definitely hope and pray AMA JSWLAS remains in power over at PWR and never, ever, ever steps down as majority owner. Same goes for Crystal, the Queen of Philippine Wrestling. Long may she reign.  

Finally, for my third question I asked: was the President’s public criticism of God and religion out of line? We Naughty Boys frown upon that. We show nothing but the utmost respect and reverence for AMA JSWLAS. In fact, We shred on our air guitars backstage as an act of worship every time we hear his divine entrance music being played.”

Photo from Evan Carleaux's FB page

PWR Central asked the Wee-Men’s Champion if he found this special excursion sufficient to prepare him for the Naughty Boys’ tete-a-tete with AMA JSWLAS and the Queen of Philippine Wrestling. “I had the opportunity to witness a Master of the Fine Art of Hosting in action, up-close. I was able to throw a question or two at the President’s Chief Legal Counsel. I mean, that’s the closest I can get to asking questions to the President himself. The optimist in me wishes that this would suffice in preparing me and Evan as we interview the PWR Tag Team Champions, AMA JSWLAS and the Queen of Philippine Wrestling on the live edition of the Carleaux Sheaux. But what is a President to a QUEEN? What is a President to a GOD?”

But have these efforts in preparing for the live edition of the Carleaux Sheaux distracted the Naughty Boys from the fact that they will eventually be stepping in the ring with their beloved AMA JSWLAS and the Queen of Philippine Wrestling for a shot at the PWR Tag Team Championship? To this, the Kapre Slayer responds, While I am already Midget Wrestling Champion and I do not really care for any of the inferior kapre titles in PWR, I have a special interest in winning the PWR Tag Team Championship with Evan. You see, the PWR Tag Team Championship is not merely a title for us to win; it is the ultimate testament to the Power of Friendship. Winning the PWR Tag Team Championship will show everyone what all the viewers of the Carleaux Sheaux and all the denizens of the Trianverse already know: that our Friendship Beats All. We just hope that when that happens, AMA JSWLAS and the Queen of Philippine Wrestling would find it in their ever-loving hearts to forgive us and continue to bless us. After all, we Naughty Boys are part of Team Sebastian, aren’t we?”

Photo from Philippine Wrestling Revolution's FB Page

Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux, along with the rest of the Naughty Boys of Philippine Wrestling, GrabCamus, Kapitan Tutan and Jhemherlhynn, will be hosting the live edition of the Carleaux Sheaux at PWR Live: Way of the Champion on July 22, 2p.m., at the Power Mac Spotlight Center.

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