Ralph Imabayashi’s Anime-Inspired Wrevolution X Entrance

Kampeon ng Pilipinas! (Photo: Dodong Dela Cruz)

We are weeks removed from Wrevolution X and here at PWRCentral.com, we are still on a high from the biggest local pro-wrestling event in the country! From shocking title changes to insane high-flying moves, to over-the-top entrances, Wrevolution X did not fail on providing quality entertainment.

And speaking of entrances, one entrance caught our attention and stood out for us. We are of course talking about the entrance by none other than our current reigning Kampeon ng Pilipinas, Ralph Imabayashi.

We absolutely DA-I-SU-KI this entrance! (Did we use “DAISUKI” right?)

The PWRCentral.com team recently caught up with the champ as he talks more about his entrance, which married his love for wrestling and his interests in anime.

PWRCentral: Congratulations on your successful title defense, Champ! We’re sure you’re very proud of that match given that you went up against a solid contender in Miguel Rosales. But what also got us hyped for that match was your entrance as you make your way to the ring, and it reminded us of a certain anime series. So we gotta ask you: What inspired you from doing the entrance?

Ralph Imabayashi: The intro of the Evangelion theme has such a grand feel to it. It’s a classic. It’s as if you are about to experience something bigger than yourself. I wanted that feel for Wrevolution X and for my match.

PWRCentral: We noticed that you dyed your hair for this match. Could you tell us a bit more about the updated look you sported?

Ralph ImabayashiIt’s simple: I got the look from Kaworu from the same anime. In the series, he was the last angel sent to Earth to end humanity– the same way I was tasked to end Miguel Rosales‘ career.

Comparing the champ’s entrance video to the source of inspiration.

 PWRCentral: So your Wrevolution X look and entrance are heavily inspired by Evangelion. How long have you been a fan of the anime series? 

Ralph Imabayashi: Believe it or not, I only watched it last year but no anime has captured my attention more than this one. 

 PWRCentral: How do you compare wrestling with Evangelion? 

Ralph Imabayashi: Evangelion isn’t a story about heroism. It’s a story about humanity surviving given the circumstances (the world is ending but they had to protect it anyway). Similarly, the local pro-wrestling scene is growing but it is not without problems. We do what we do for it to survive because just like in Evangelion no matter how broken we are, wrestling is always worth it.

PWRCentral: Very well-put! We don’t want to waste your time any further but before we let you go, any words from your next challenger, Zayden Trudeau, and to the rest of the participants of the PWR Championship Tournament happening at PWR Live: RE5PETO ?

Ralph Imabayashi: At this point, I am unbeatable. Just like those helpless humans in the anime, Zayden and the rest of the challengers’ concern should not be about winning, but it should be about surviving me.

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