The following is a letter from PWR co-owner and general manager John Sebastian to the entire Revo-nation:

Your Wrestling Lord & Savior, John Sebastian, is here to (once again) revolutionize PWR’s official website, So all of you socially awkward virgins reading this, close those porn tabs and fap to this, I’ll make this short and simple so all you nimrods can understand.

In the past, this website hasn’t been exciting in terms of actually meaning anything. I’m not pointing fingers, but I think we can all hazard a guess as to why that is *ehemSTANehem*. Now, since I’m such a revolutionary and a futurist, I have decided to bless you failed abortions with a new, improved, and more relevant You may start kissing my feet now.

“New and improved? Sweet holy wrestling Jesus, tell me more!” | Photo by Hub Pacheco

You’ll be getting a newer look, kept up to date with all of PWR’s shows, results, and schedules. You’ll also be getting a lot more content that you filthy pagpag-eaters can get your hands on.

  • Wrestler and championship highlights
  • Behind the scenes stories in PWR
  • Getting to know your wrestlers and other PWR personnel
Photos by Dodong Dela Cruz

In fact, the new look, feel, and stories have already helped catch eyes and landed on this list of the Top 30 Philippines Sports Blogs, News Websites & Newsletters to Follow in 2018 by Feedspot (all thanks to me obviously).

Now, if you wanna bother me with suggestions for stories and all that crap, DON’T. Go leave a comment, or talk to the PWR Social Media monkeys, or whatever, because I have a date with the unattainable Queen of Philippine Wrestling (and not with the trashbag women that you desperate idiots settle for to call your “girlfriends”).

Now, someone play MY music.

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